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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Remodeling My Bathroom

We decided to remodel our bathrooms. Mine is in the Master Bedroom and Stan's is the hall bath. We had done ceramic tile floors back nearly 8 years ago when we moved in but we hadn't done anything else to them since. The cabinetry was still in good condition but we wanted to get rid of the laminate countertops and replace with granite. That also meant new drop in sinks which led to new sink hardware. We replace the commodes. We decided the showers were still too good to replace them at this time. In my bathroom we had to tear down the wallpaper. Stan had to fix and sand the walls and we painted it to match the bedroom. In his bathroom, he sanded the painted and then re-painted. The mirrors are thrift store finds. They had been old dresser mirrors. We got the biggest one. in my dressing room, for $15. Stan's cost $10.

Stan did all this on his own while working too. He got the bathrooms done in really record time although it's never fast enough for me. The dust and the mess led to significant cleaning problems. Stan took pity of me and hired a crew to come in afterwards to do a top-to-bottom clean to get rid of that sheetrock dust. He took a couple of days off to try and get some stuff completed. Here are the results:

The medicine cabinets that we found at Lowe's and Home Depot are so cheaply and poorly made it was ridiculous. But without another choice I had to get it. But I had a dream on how to use it and Stan made it a reality! He made a box with 1" x 6" boards with a backer board. Then he slid the Lowe's medicine cabinet into the box on the wall and screwed a couple of screws in the back to the backer board.


Cheryl said...

Great job! Looks beautiful! How wonderful to be so handy :) Thanks for sharing.

Vmommyx4 said...

Very Nice! Enjoy:)

Unknown said...

Your new bathroom looks nice, Sharon! And it's also good that you've been economical in deciding which parts needed to go and which of them should stay. Though you didn't included the before photos, the new look of your bathroom suggests that you indeed made huge improvements. Good job!
Ryann Hoyer

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