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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Papa and Grandma

My father's parents were Vivian Mae Barnes and Oscar Alexander Huneycutt. Grandma was born 3/4/1904 in Davidson County, NC to Avery Lawrence Huneycutt and Addie Mae Michael. She took a job in Winston-Salem, NC at R.J. Reynolds Co. after high school. Papa was born 12/26/1898 in Stanly County, NC to William Eli Huneycutt and Eva Malinda Boone. He had gone to Winston-Salem, NC for a job first at a wagon company and then at a furniture company. They were boarding at different boarding houses but close enough that they met. On September 2, 1922 they got married in Winston-Salem, NC. Here are the portraits they had made to commemorate their wedding.

Grandma is wearing a black beaded net blouse over her dress. I still have that beaded blouse.

Their children gave them a party for their 50th Wedding Anniversary which would have been in 1972.

Papa passed away on 1/15/1976 in Stanly County, NC at the age of 77 yrs old and Grandma was 71 yrs old. Grandma lived another 12 years and died 5/8/1988 in Stanly County, NC at the age of 84 yrs old. They had been married 54 years when Papa died.


Heather Kuhn Roelker said...

Terrific photos! What does the pin on your grandfather's lapel indicate?

Sharon said...

It was a Sunday School pin. He was very involved in his church all his life.

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