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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sentimental Sunday - Relive the 1970's

Sentimental Sunday is a daily blogging prompt at Geneabloggers.com used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites. To participate in Sentimental Sunday, simply create a post in which you discuss a sentimental story or memory about an ancestor, or maybe even a family tradition that touches you.

I was born in 1959 and grew up in the 1960's and 1970's. As a child in the 1960's I did a post on the 1960's. As a teenager and newly married in the '70's, I wanted to do a post of the 1970's.

1970s TV shows

Mork and Mindy
Happy Days
Quincy, ME
All In The Family
The Bob Newhart Show
Wonder Woman
Mary Tyler Moore Show
BJ and the Bear
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Battlestar Gallactica
Little House On The Prairie
The Partridge Family
The Brady Bunch
The Bionic Woman
Adam 12
Daniel Boone
The Addams Family
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
The Dating Game
The Newlywed Game
The Price Is Right
Different Strokes
Dastardly and Muttley
American Bandstand
The Bugs Bunny Show
Dukes of Hazard
Wild, Wild West
Barnaby Jones
Rockford Files
The Carol Burnett Show
Charlies Angels
The Facts of Life
Family Feud
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
The Flip Wilson Show
The Flying Nun
The Muppet Show
The Pink Panther Show
Sanford and Son
Cagney and Lacey
The Police Woman
Scooby Doo
$100,000 Pyramid
The Six Million Dollar Man
Starsky and Hutch
Super Chicken
The Odd Couple
One Day At A Time
Family Affair

Soap Operas
The Edge of Night (1956-1984)
Guiding Light (1937 - )
As the World Turns (1956 - )
Days of Our Lives (1965 - )
Ryan’s Hope (1975 – 1989)
General Hospital (1963) - )
All My Children (1970 - )
Bright Promise (1969-1972)
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (1967-1973)
Love Of Life (1951 – 1980)
Search For Tomorrow (1951-1986)
The Secret Storm (1954-1974)

Books of the 1970's
* Books I've read

19 7 0
1. Love Story, Erich Segal
2. The French Lieutenant's Woman, John Fowles
3. Islands in the Stream, Ernest Hemingway
4. The Crystal Cave, Mary Stewart *
5. Great Lion of God, Taylor Caldwell
6. QB VII, Leon Uris
7. The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, Jimmy Breslin
8. The Secret Woman, Victoria Holt *
9. Travels with My Aunt, Graham Greene
10. Rich Man, Poor Man, Irwin Shaw

1. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex but Were Afraid To Ask, David Reuben, M.D.
2. The New English Bible
3. The Sensuous Woman, "J"
4. Better Homes and Gardens Fondue and Tabletop Cooking
5. Up the Organization, Robert Townsend
6. Ball Four, Jim Bouton
7. American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, William Morris
8. Body Language, Julius Fast
9. In Someone's Shadow, Rod McKuen
10. Caught in the Quiet, Rod McKuen

1 9 7 1
1. Wheels, Arthur Hailey
2. The Exorcist, William P. Blatty
3. The Passions of the Mind, Irving Stone
4. The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth
5. The Betsy, Harold Robbins
6. Message from Malaga, Helen MacInnes *
7. The Winds of War, Herman Wouk
8. The Drifters, James A. Michener
9. The Other, Thomas Tryon
10. Rabbit Redux, John Updike

1. The Sensous Man, "M"
2. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Dee Brown
3. Better Homes and Gardens Blender Cook Book
4. I'm O.K., You're O.K., Thomas Harris
5. Any Woman Can!, David Reuben, M.D.
6. Inside the Third Reich, Albert Speer
7. Eleanor and Franklin, Joseph P. Lash
8. Wunnerful, Wunnerful!, Lawrence Welk
9. Honor Thy Father, Gay Talese
10. Fields of Wonder, Rod McKuen

1 9 7 2
1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach *
2. August, 1914, Alexander Solzhenitsyn
3. The Odessa File, Frederick Forsyth
4. The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth
5. The Word, Irving Wallace
6. The Winds of War, Herman Wouk
7. Captains and the Kings, Taylor Caldwell
8. Two from Galilee, Marjorie Holmes
9. My Name Is Asher Lev, Chaim Potok
10. Semi-Tough, Dan Jenkins

1. The Living Bible, Kenneth Taylor *
2. I'm O.K., You're O.K., Thomas Harris
3. Open Marriage, Nena and George O'Neill
4. Harry S. Truman, Margaret Truman
5. Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, Robert C. Atkins
6. Better Homes and Gardens Menu Cook Book
7. The Peter Prescription, Laurence J. Peter
8. A World Beyond, Ruth Montgomery
9. Journey to Ixtlan, Carlos Castaneda
10. Better Homes and Gardens Low-Calorie Desserts

1 9 7 3
1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach *
2. Once Is Not Enough, Jacqueline Susann
3. Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut
4. The Odessa File, Frederick Forsyth
5. Burr, Gore Vidal
6. The Hollow Hills, Mary Stewart *
7. Evening in Byzantium, Irwin Shaw
8. The Matlock Paper, Robert Ludlum
9. The Billion Dollar Sure Thing, Paul E. Erdman
10. The Honorary Consul, Graham Greene

1. The Living Bible, Kenneth Taylor *
2. Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, Robert C. Atkins
3. I'm O.K., You're O.K., Thomas Harris
4. The Joy of Sex, Alex Comfort
5. Weight Watchers Program Cookbook, Jean Nidetch
6. How To Be Your Own Best Friend, Mildred Newman, et al.
7. The Art of Walt Disney, Christopher Finch
8. Better Homes and Gardens Home Canning Cookbook
9. Alistair Cooke's America, Alistair Cooke
10. Sybil, Flora R. Schreiber

1 9 7 4
1. Centennial, James A. Michener
2. Watership Down, Richard Adams
3. Jaws, Peter Benchley
4. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, John Le Carré
5. Something Happened, Joseph Heller
6. The Dogs of War, Frederick Forsyth
7. The Pirate, Harold J. Robbins
8. I Heard the Owl Call My Name, Margaret Craven
9. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, John H. Watson, M.D., Nicholas Meyer, editor
10. The Fan Club, Irving Wallace

1. The Total Woman, Marabel Morgan
2. All the President's Men, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward
3. Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman, Merle Miller
4. More Joy: A Lovemaking Companion to The Joy of Sex, Alex Comfort
5. Alistair Cooke's America, Alistair Cooke
6. Tales of Power, Carlos A. Castaneda
7. You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, Harry Browne
8. All Things Bright and Beautiful, James Herriot
9. The Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz with J. Manson Valentine
10. The Memory Book, Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas

1 9 7 5
1. Ragtime, E. L. Doctorow
2. The Moneychangers, Arthur Hailey
3. Curtain, Agatha Christie
4. Looking for Mister Goodbar, Judith Rossner
5. The Choirboys, Joseph Wambaugh
6. The Eagle Has Landed, Jack Higgins
7. The Greek Treasure: A Biographical Novel of Henry and Sophia Schliemann, Irving Stone
8. The Great Train Robbery, Michael Crichton *
9. Shogun, James Clavell *
10. Humboldt's Gift, Saul Bellow

1. Angels: God's Secret Agents, Billy Graham *
2. Winning Through Intimidation, Robert Ringer
3. TM: Discovering Energy and Overcoming Stress, Harold H. Bloomfield
4. The Ascent of Man, Jacob Bronowski
5. Sylvia Porter's Money Book, Sylvia Porter
6. Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week, Laurence E. Morehouse and Leonard Gross
7. The Bermuda Triangle, Charles Berlitz with J. Manson Valentine
8. The Save-Your-Life Diet, David Reuben
9. Bring on the Empty Horses, David Niven
10. Breach of Faith: The Fall of Richard Nixon, Theodore H. White

1 9 7 6
1. Trinity, Leon Uris
2. Sleeping Murder, Agatha Christie *
3. Dolores, Jacqueline Susann
4. Storm Warning, Jack Higgins
5. The Deep, Peter Benchley
6. 1876, Gore Vidal
7. Slapstick: or, Lonesome No More!, Kurt Vonnegut
8. The Lonely Lady, Harold Robbins
9. Touch Not the Cat, Mary Stewart *
10. A Stranger in the Mirror, Sidney Sheldon

1. The Final Days, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein
2. Roots, Alex Haley
3. Your Erroneous Zones, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
4. Passages: The Predictable Crises of Adult Life, Gail Sheehy
5. Born Again, Charles W. Colson *
6. The Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank, Erma Bombeck
7. Angels: God's Secret Agents, Billy Graham *
8. Blind Ambition: The White House Years, John Dean
9. The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality, Shere Hite
10. The Right and the Power: The Prosecution of Watergate, Leon Jaworski

1 9 7 7
1. The Silmarillion, J.R.R. Tolkien; Christopher Tolkien
2. The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCullough
3. Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach
4. The Honourable Schoolboy, John Le Carré
5. Oliver's Story, Erich Segal
6. Dreams Die First, Harold Robbins
7. Beggarman, Thief, Irwin Shaw
8. How To Save Your Own Life, Erica Jong
9. Delta of Venus: Erotica, Anaïs Nin
10. Daniel Martin, John Fowles

1. Roots, Alex Haley
2. Looking Out for #1, Robert Ringer
3. All Things Wise and Wonderful, James Herriot
4. Your Erroneous Zones, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
5. The Book of Lists, David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace, and Amy Wallace
6. The Possible Dream: A Candid Look at Amway, Charles Paul Conn
7. The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence, Carl Sagan
8. The Second Ring of Power, Carlos Castaneda
9. The Grass is Always Greener over the Septic Tank, Erma Bombeck
10. The Amityville Horror, Jay Anson

1 9 7 8
1. Chesapeake, James A. Michener
2. War and Remembrance, Herman Wouk
3. Fools Die, Mario Puzo
4. Bloodlines, Sidney Sheldon
5. Scruples, Judith Krantz
6. Evergreen, Belva Plain
7. Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach
8. The Holcroft Covenant, Robert Ludlum
9. Second Generation, Howard Fast
10. Eye of the Needle, Ken Follett

1. If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries--What Am I Doing in the Pits?, Erma Bombeck
2. Gnomes, Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet
3. The Complete Book of Running, James Fixx
4. Mommie Dearest, Christina Crawford
5. Pulling Your Own Strings, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
8. RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon, Richard Nixon
7. A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous Fourteenth Century, Barbara Tuchman
8. Faeries, Brian Froud and Alan Lee
9. in Search of History: A Personal Adventure, Theodore H. White
10. The Muppet Show Book, the Muppet People

1 9 7 9
1. The Matarese Circle, Robert Ludlum
2. Sophie's Choice, William Styron
3. Overload, Arthur Hailey
4. Memories of Another Day, Harold Robbins
5. Jailbird, Kurt Vonnegut
6. The Dead Zone, Stephen King
7. The Last Enchantment, Mary Stewart *
8. The Establishment, Howard Fast
9. The Third World War: August 1985, Gen. Sir John Hackett, et al.
10. Smiley's People, John Le Carré

1. Aunt Erma's Cope Book, Erma Bombeck
2. The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet, Herman Tarnower, M.D., and Samm Sinclair Baker
3. How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years, Howard J. Ruff
4. Cruel Shoes, Steve Martin
5. The Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise, Nathan Pritikin and Patrick McGrady Jr.
6. White House Years, Henry Kissinger
7. Lauren Bacall By Myself, Lauren Bacall
8. The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court, Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong
9. Restoring the American Dream, Robert J. Ringer
10. The Winner's Circle, Charles Paul Conn

1970’s Movies
*Movies I've seen

Love Story *
Chariots of the Gods
Airport *
Five Easy Pieces
Diary of a Mad Housewife
Gimme Shelter
Kelly's Heroes
Little Big Man
Lovers and Other Strangers
Ryan's Daughter
The Boys in the Band
Tora! Tora! Tora! *
Women in Love

Billy Jack *
Diamonds Are Forever *
Carnal Knowledge
A Clockwork Orange
Big Jake
Dirty Harry
Fiddler On The Roof *
Harold and Maude
McCabe and Mrs. Miller
Summer of ‘42
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
The French Connection
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
The Go Between
The Hospital
The Last Picture Show

The Godfather *
The Poseidon Adventure *
Malcolm X
Lady Sings The Blues
Last Tango In Paris
Play It Again, Sam
The Candidate *
The Heartbreak Kid
The Ruling Class

The Exorcist *
The Sting *
American Graffiti *
Papillon *
Live And Let Die *
A Touch of Class
Bang The Drum Slowly
Blume In Love
Day For Night
High Plains Drifter
Jesus Christ Superstar *
Mean Streets
Save The Tiger
Scenes From A Marriage
The Boggy Creek Monster *
The Last Detail
The Paper Chase *
The Way We Were *

Blazing Saddles *
The Towering Inferno *
Young Frankenstein *
The Godfather: Part II
Benji *
Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein
Chinatown *
Death Wish
Harry And Tonto
Herbie Rides Again *
Murder On The Orient Express *
That’s Entertainment
The Conversation
The Great Gatsby *
The Man With The Golden Gun *
The Pedestrian
The Return Of The Pink Panther *

Jaws *
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest *
The Adventures Of The Wilderness Family
Rooster Cogburn *
Barry Lyndon
Dog Day Afternoon
Hester Street
Monty Python And The Holy Grail
Swept Away
The Days Of The Condor
The Man Who Would Be King
The Story Of Adele
Tommy *

King Kong
Logan’s Run
Across The Great Divide
The Pom Pom Girls
A Star Is Born *
All The President’s Men *
Bound For Glory
Carrie *
Harlan County
Marathon Man
Taxi Driver *
The Bad News Bears *
The Front
The Man Who Fell To Earth
The Omen
The Outlaw Josey Wales
The Pink Panther Strikes Again *
The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea

Star Wars *
Saturday Night Fever *
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind *
Smokey And The Bandit *
In Search Of Noah’s Ark *
Annie Hall
Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo *
High Anxiety *
Looking For Mr. Goodbar
Oh, God! *
Slap Shot
The Gauntlet
The Goodbye Girl
The Late Show
The Spy Who Loved Me *
The Turning Show

Animal House
Superman *
Jaws II
An Unmarried Woman
Autumn Sonata
Coming Home *
Days Of Heaven
Every Which Way But Loose *
Foul Play
Get Out Your Handkerchiefs
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers *
Midnight Express *
Pretty Baby
Revenge Of The Pink Panther *
The Deerhunter
Up In Smoke

Kramer vs. Kramer
Amityville Horror *
Star Trek: The Motion Picture *
Apocalypse Now
The Muppet Movie *
All That Jazz
Being There
Escape From Alcatraz
Moonraker *
Norma Rae
The Black Stallion
The China Syndrome *
The Great Santini

News of the 1970's

Chicago 7 Are Acquitted Of Conspiracy To Riot 5 Found Guilty Of Lesser Charges
Nixon Asks Vote For 18 Years Olds
747 With 379 Aboard Hijacked To Cuba
Soviet Cosmonauts Set New Record Of 17 Days In Space
New York Abortion law takes effect, most liberal in US
200,00 Are killed in East Pakistan Cyclone Tidal Wave
Singer Janis Joplin dies

Charles Manson and His Cult Members Sentenced To Death
Lieutenant William Calley Is Found Guilty In My Lai Massacre
Supreme Court Upholds Busing For Desegregation
Prisoners Riot At Attica 10 Hostages and 39 Convicts Die
Joe Frazier Beats Muhammad Ali in 15 Rounds, Each Receive 3.5 Million
First legalized off track betting begins in New York
New York Times prints Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg is arrested for disclosure
"Intel" of California introduces the microprocessor, the "computer on a chip"
Nixon ends 21 year trade embargo with China
26th Amendment is passed lowering voting age to 18
Hot Pants are in
The Food Processor is invented

Nixon And Brezhnev Sign Two SALT Agreements
11 Israelis Are Killed By Palestinian Terrorists At Munich Olympics
Beak-In At Democratic Headquarters In Watergate Towers, Five Caught
Nixon Wins by A Landslide 47 Million To 29 Million
Washington Post Connects Watergate With Committee To Elect Nixon
Kissinger Secretly Negotiating With North Vietnamese In Paris
Compact Discs are invented
Video games (Pong) are invented

Charles Manson and His Cult Members Sentenced To Death
Lieutenant William Calley Is Found Guilty In My Lai Massacre
Supreme Court Upholds Busing For Desegregation
Prisoners Riot At Attica 10 Hostages and 39 Convicts Die
Joe Frazier Beats Muhammad Ali in 15 Rounds, Each Receive 3.5 Million
First legalized off track betting begins in New York
New York Times prints Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg is arrested for disclosure
"Intel" of California introduces the microprocessor, the "computer on a chip"
Nixon ends 21 year trade embargo with China
26th Amendment is passed lowering voting age to 18
The CAT scanner is invented
The Jet Ski is invented

Nixon Rejects Ervin Subpoena
Heirs Patty Hearst Is Kidnapped By Symbionese Liberation Army
House votes 410-4 To Investigate the President
Solzhenitsyn Is Deported From Russia
Grand Jury Indicts presidential Aids Halderman, Erlichman, Colson
Juan Peron Dies Wife Isabel Takes Over
India Announces It Has A-bomb
Nixon Resigns…Ford Sworn In As President
Ford Gives Nixon Absolute Pardon
55 mile-per hour speed limit is enacted
Died, Jack Benny, Dizzy Dean, Duke Ellington, Chet Huntley, Ed Sullivan
Muhammad Ali using "Rope a Dope" knocks out George Foreman in 8th
The "String" Bikini is in fashion

Saigon Falls to North Vietnamese, Thousands Flee By Boat
Teamster Leader Jimmy Hoffa Disappear, Foul Play Suspected
Patty Hearst Arrested By FBI
Ford Escapes Shot Fired by Sara Jane Moore
OPEC Increase Oil Prices 10%
President Ford rejects Federal bail out of NYC
CIA acknowledges plots to kill undesirable heads of state
Died, Aristotle Onassis, Rod Sterling, Casey Stengel
VCR Betamax makes first appearance
Disposable razor introduced

Patty Hearst Is Found Guilty Of Bank Robbery
Supreme Court Allows Removal Of Karen Quinlan's Life Support Systems
Democrats Nominate Jimmy Charter For President
Viking I Lands On Mars, Sends Back Photos
Chinese Leader Mao Tse-Tung Dies
Nixon says Kissinger Aides' phones were tapped
Concord begins regular transatlantic flights
Vietnam is unified, Hanoi named capital, Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City
US and Iran sigh 10 Billion dollar arms sale
Two amateur electronics enthusiasts develop the Apple computer in a California garage
Farrah Fawcett-majors posters become a fad

Carter Grants Unconditional Amnesty To Vietnam Draft Dodgers
Indira Gandi Is Defeated And Resigns
"Son Of Sam" Killer Is Arrested In NYC
Inflation hits 11%
Charles Chaplin, Bing Crosby, Guy Lombardo, Grocho Marks, Elvis Presley Dies

Second Canal Treaty Is Ratified, Canal Will Go To Panama In 1999
900 Jim Jones Temple Cult Members Die In Murder Suicide In Guyana
OPEC Raises Prices 14%
Hustler Owner Larry Flint Shot After Testifying
Pete Rose sets an NL consecutive game hitting streak record of 44

Ayatollah Khomeini Returns To Iran From France
Accident At 3-Mile Island Pa., nuclear Plant Threatens Area
$1.5 Billion Federal Bailout Is Approved For Chrysler
US and China establish diplomatic relations, formal ties with Taiwan are severed
Voyager sends photos of Jupiter
Margaret Thatcher is elected first Woman British Prime Minister
The Sony Walkman is invented

Sports 1970s
Super Bowl Dallas 13 Baltimore 16
NBA Championship New York 4-3
NCAA Championship UCLA 28-2
World Series Baltimore (4-1) vs Cincinnati

Super Bowl Dallas 24 Miami 3
NBA Championship Milwaukee 4-0
NCAA Championship UCLA 29-1
World Series Pittsburgh (4-3) vs. Baltimore

Super Bowl Miami 14 Washington 7
NBA Championship LA Lakers 4-1
NCAA Championship UCLA 30-0
World Series Oakland A’s (4-3) vs Cincinnati

Super Bowl Miami 24 Minnesota 7
NBA Championship New York 4-1
NCAA Championship UCLA 30-0
World Series Oakland A’s (4-3) vs NY Mets

Super Bowl Pittsburgh 16 Minnesota 6
NBA Championship Boston 4-3
NCAA Championship NC State 30-1
World Series Oakland A’s (4-1) vs LA Dodgers

Super Bowl Pittsburgh 21 Dallas 17
NBA Championship Golden State Warriors 4-0
NCAA Championship UCLA 28-3
World Series Cincinnati (4-3) vs Boston Red Sox

Super Bowl Oakland 32 Minnesota 14
NBA Championship Boston 4-2
NCAA Championship Indiana 32-0
World Series Cincinnati (4-0) vs NY Yankees

Super Bowl Dallas 27 Denver 10
NBA Championship Portland 4-2
NCAA Championship Marquette 25-7
World Series NY Yankees (4-2) vs LA Dodgers

Super Bowl Pittsburgh 35 Dallas 31
NBA Championship Washington Bullets 4-3
NCAA Championship Kentucky 30-2
World Series NY Yankees (4-2) vs LA Dodgers

Super Bowl Pittsburgh 31 LA Rams 19
NBA Championship Seattle 4-1
NCAA Michigan State 26-6World Series Pittsburgh (4-3) vs Baltimore

Top 500 Songs of the 1970's
(Thanks Bradboard.com)

London Calling - The Clash
Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Anarchy in the U.K. - The Sex Pistols
Detroit Rock City - Kiss
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Dance the Night Away - Van Halen
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
American Pie - Don McLean
Surrender - Cheap Trick
I Fought the Law - The Clash
More Than a Feeling - Boston
Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
Cruel To Be Kind - Nick Lowe
Holidays in the Sun - The Sex Pistols
I Wanna Be Sedated - Ramones
Come Sail Away - Styx
Pretty Vacant - The Sex Pistols
Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss
Somebody to Love - Queen
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
Eighteen - Alice Cooper
Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
(Don’t Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
Midnight Rider - Gregg Allman
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais - The Clash
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
Hard Luck Woman - Kiss
Imagine - John Lennon
A Horse With No Name - America
Bad Company - Bad Company
Beth - Kiss
The Boys Are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy
School's Out - Alice Cooper
Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin
Clash City Rockers - The Clash
T.N.T. - AC/DC
Feel Like Makin' Love - Bad Company
Hurricane - Bob Dylan
Is This Love - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Only Women Bleed - Alice Cooper
Beast of Burden - The Rolling Stones
Heart of Gold - Neil Young
The Thrill is Gone - B.B. King
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Crazy on You - Heart
Sister Golden Hair - America
Our House - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Lust For Life - Iggy Pop
Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Deuce - Kiss
Cat Scratch Fever - Ted Nugent
D'yer Mak'er - Led Zeppelin
Burning Love - Elvis Presley
Strutter - Kiss
No Woman, No Cry - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Instant Karma - John Lennon
Magic Man - Heart
Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
Babe - Styx
All the Young Dudes - Mott the Hoople
Alison - Elvis Costello
Can't Get Enough - Bad Company
I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson
Barracuda - Heart
God Save the Queen - The Sex Pistols
What Do I Get? - The Buzzcocks
We Are the Champions - Queen
Ventura Highway - America
Piece of Mind - Boston
I Was Made For Lovin' You - Kiss
Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper
Lady - Styx
Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Beautiful Girls - Van Halen
Fire and Rain - James Taylor
City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie
Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith
I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley & The Wailers
I Go Crazy - Paul Davis
Hold the Line - Toto
Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
White Riot - The Clash
Stir It Up - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Shout it Out Loud - Kiss
Under My Wheels - Alice Cooper
Tommy Gun - The Clash
Runnin' With The Devil - Van Halen
Rockaway Beach - Ramones
Radar Love - Golden Earring
Complete Control - The Clash
You Really Got Me - Van Halen
Video Killed the Radio Star - The Buggles
Sonic Reducer - The Dead Boys
Rapper's Delight - Sugarhill Gang
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper
Killer Queen - Queen
Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin
Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Elected - Alice Cooper
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Me and Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin
Boys Don’t Cry - The Cure
You Can’t Always Get What You Want - The Rolling Stones
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
Calling Dr. Love - Kiss
Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper
Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Neil Young
I Love the Nightlife - Alicia Bridges
Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas
Riders on the Storm - The Doors
One Way or Another - Blondie
Love Hurts - Nazareth
Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) - Led Zeppelin
Big Balls - AC/DC
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
Go On Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
Fox on the Run - Sweet
Closer to the Heart - Rush
Rock 'n' Roll High School - The Ramones
Old Man - Neil Young
Jamming - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Dream Police - Cheap Trick
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
We've Got Tonight - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Man In Black - Johnny Cash
Watching the Detectives - Elvis Costello
Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
Life During Wartime - Talking Heads
Everything I Own - Bread
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
Sex & Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll - Ian Dury
Heard It In a Love Song - The Marshall Tucker Band
Your Song - Elton John
You're My Best Friend - Queen
Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Search and Destroy - Iggy and The Stooges
Running on Empty - Jackson Browne
It's A Long Way to the Top - AC/DC
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
Man on the Silver Mountain - Rainbow
I Only Want to Be With You - Bay City Rollers
Hey You - Pink Floyd
Father and Son - Cat Stevens
Amie - Pure Prairie League
Cat's in the Cradle - Harry Chapin
Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young
Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones
Good Times - Chic
Wild World - Cat Stevens
Heaven Knows - Donna Summer
Ain't That a Shame - Cheap Trick
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen
Baby Hold On - Eddiy Money
Angie - The Rolling Stones
All By Myself - Eric Carmen
Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan
Let it Be - The Beatles
Seasons in the Sun - Terry Jacks
The Real Me - The Who
Stay - Jackson Browne
Long Time - Boston
Love Her Madly - The Doors
Love Gun - Kiss
Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones
Without You - Nilsson
Don’t Look Back - Boston
Heart of Glass - Blondie
Hot Child in the City - Nick Gilder
Lean On Me - Bill Withers
Lights - Journey
Ohio - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Dream On - Aerosmith
Don’t Stop - Fleetwood Mac
Give a Little Bit - Supertramp
Last Dance - Donna Summer
Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh
Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd
You're So Vain - Carly Simon
Disco Inferno - The Trammps
Rock and Roll Fantasy - Bad Company
Pump It Up - Elvis Costello
Point of No Return - Kansas
Peace Train - Cat Stevens
Dreaming - Blondie
I Never Cry - Alice Cooper
Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
Changes - David Bowie
I Need a Lover - John Cougar
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simon
My Best Friend's Girl - The Cars
Because the Night - Patti Smith Group
Paradise By the Dashboard Light - Meat Loaf
Making Plans for Nigel - XTC
Two Tickets to Paradise - Eddie Money
Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed
Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band
How You Gonna See Me Now - Alice Cooper
Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell
Daniel - Elton John
Copacabana - Barry Manilow
Sheena is a Punk Rocker - The Ramones
Stayin Alive - The Bee Gees
Take Me To the River - Talking Heads
Do Ya - Electric Light Orchestra
Roadhouse Blues - The Doors
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
Stranglehold - Ted Nugent
Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers
Just What I Needed - The Cars
Young Americans - David Bowie
Trampled Under Foot - Led Zeppelin
Low Rider - War
Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
Joy to the World - Three Dog Night
I've Seen All Good People - Yes
In the Navy - Village People
If I Can't Have You - Yvonne Elliman
Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra
Best of My Love - The Emotions
Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
Cecilia - Simon & Garfunkel
Come Together - Aerosmith
The Wonder of You - Elivs Presley
Night Fever - The Bee Gees
Mother and Child Reunion - Paul Simon
Breakdown - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Good Times Roll - The Cars
Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Suede
It's Only Rock 'N Roll (But I Like It) - The Rolling Stones
We Will Rock You - Queen
Who Are You - The Who
Roxanne - The Police
My Sharona - The Knack
Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
Mind Games - John Lennon
Get Down Tonight - KC and the Sunshine Band
Get Closer - Seals & Crofts
All Right Now - Free
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe - Barry White
Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
Close To You - The Carpenters
Cum on Feel the Noize - Slade
Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner
Golden Years - David Bowie
Piano Man - Billy Joel
Renegade - Styx
Whiskey in the Jar - Thin Lizzy
Y.M.C.A. - Village People
We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters
Be My Lover - Alice Cooper
Baby, I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton
Bicycle Race - Queen
After Midnight - Eric Clapton
Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band
Hello Hurray - Alice Cooper
Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd
Don’t Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra
Tush - ZZ Top
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad - Meat Loaf
Wheel in the Sky - Journey
Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
Slow Ride - Foghat
Tin Man - America
Mama Told Me (Not To Come) - Three Dog Night
Love, Reign O'er Me - The Who
I'm Not in Love - 10cc
Mexico - James Taylor
Night Moves - Bob Seger
Bad Time - Grand Funk Railroad
Reeling in the Years - Steely Dan
Saturday in the Park - Chicago
You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth - Meat Loaf
Tiny Dancer - Elton John
Join Together - The Who
Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce
Day After Day - Badfinger
Don’t Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston
Dream Weaver - Gary Wright
Mamma Mia - Abba
Moondance - Van Morrison
Teach Your Children - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Still the Same - Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Show Me the Way - Peter Frampton
Blinded By the Light - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Bang A Gong (Get it On) - T. Rex
Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band
Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
Message in a Bottle - The Police
Oye Como Va - Santana
You're the One That I Want - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
The Pretender - Jackson Browne
Rock and Roll Part 2 - Gary Glitter
Papa Was a Rollin' Stone - The Temptations
Stuck in the Middle With You - Stealers Wheel
I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song - Jim Croce
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
How Deep is Your Love - The Bee Gees
You've Got a Friend - James Taylor
Rainy Days and Mondays - The Carpenters
That's the Way (I Like It) - KC and the Sunshine Band
Take the Long Way Home - Supertramp
Take it Easy - The Eagles
Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
Mandy - Barry Manilow
Jessica - Allman Brothers Band
Hurting Each Other - The Carpenters
China Grove - The Doobie Brothers
Brick House - The Commodores
Lorelei - Styx
Margarittaville - Jimmy Buffet
Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight & The Pips
Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues
Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
Power to the People - John Lennon
Your Smiling Face - James Taylor
What's Your Name - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Kentucky Rain - Elvis Presley
Time For Me to Fly - REO Speedwagon
Tie Your Mother Down - Queen
Take Me Home, Country Roads - John Denver
Take a Chance on Me - Abba
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' - Journey
Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
Love is Like Oxygen - Sweet
Christine Sixteen - Kiss
Mama Weer All Crazee Now - Slade
Another Saturday Night - Cat Stevens
Lola - The Kinks
My Sweet Lord - George Harrison
Woman From Tokyo - Deep Purple
The Prince - Madness
Superstar - The Carpenters
See Me, Feel Me - The Who
Miss You - The Rolling Stones
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
Carolina in My Mind - James Taylor
Department of Youth - Alice Cooper
Jive Talkin' - The Bee Gees
Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye
Knowing Me, Knowing You - Abba
Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell
Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum
Why Can't We Be Friends - War
You Should Be Dancing - The Bee Gees
You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John and Kiki Dee
I Shot the Sheriff - Eric Clapton
Tragedy - The Bee Gees
Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who
Tangled Up in Blue - Bob Dylan
The Hustle - Van McCoys
Summer Nights - John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John
I'm a Believer - Neil Diamond
Levon - Elton John
Truckin' - Grateful Dead
Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts
Still the One - Orleans
Best of My Love - The Eagles
Good Girls Don't - The Knack
Black Water - The Doobie Brothers
Domino - Van Morrison
Greased Lightnin' - John Travolta
Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
Prove it All Night - Bruce Springsteen
Rocket Man - Elton John
Your Mama Don’t Dance - Loggins & Messina
Share the Land - The Guess Who
You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia - Vicki Lawrence
Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hill
Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac
Saturday Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Starman - David Bowie
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes
What's Going On - Marvin Gaye
Easy - The Commodores
Dance With Me - Orleans
Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitudes - Jimmy Buffet
Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) - Billy Joel
You're The First, The Last, My Everything - Barry White
Hotel California - The Eagles
Listen to the Music - The Doobie Brothers
Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
Squeeze Box - The Who
Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright) - Rod Stewart
Take it to the Limit - The Eagles
Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo - Rick Derringer
Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Eagles
You're in My Heart - Rod Stewart
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive
Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Elton John
Silly Love Songs - Wings
Pop Muzik - M
I Just Want to Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb
It's So Easy - Linda Rondstadt
Maybe I'm Amazed - Wings
Slip Slidin' Away - Paul Simon
Flaming Youth - Kiss
Takin' Care of Business - Bachman Turner Overdrive
The Logical Song - Supertramp
You're No Good - Linda Ronstadt
War - Edwin Starr
The Joker - Steve Miller Band
SOS - Abba
Reason to Believe - Rod Stewart
Money - Pink Floyd
Live and Let Die - Paul McCartney and Wings
Let it Ride - Bachman Turner Overdrive
Le Freak - Chic
If - Bread
American Woman - The Guess Who
Rock'n Me - Steve Miller Band
Heartache Tonight - The Eagles
Hot Blooded - Foreigner
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - James Taylor
I Am Woman - Helen Reddy
Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band
Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton
(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty - KC and the Sunshine Band
Black Betty - Ram Jam
Cold as Ice - Foreigner
Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group
Gimme Three Steps - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves - Cher
Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate
The Loco-Motion - Grand Funk Railroad
You Are the Sunshine Of My Life - Stevie Wonder
That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Make it With You - Bread
Hot Legs - Rod Stewart
Don’t Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Mississippi Queen - Mountain
Only the Good Die Young - Billy Joel
Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John
Twisting the Night Away - Rod Stewart
We're An American Band - Grand Funk Railroad
Shining Star - Earth, Wind and Fire
Evil Ways - Santana
Macho Man - Village People
Life in the Fast Lane - The Eagles
Baby I'm-A Want You - Bread
Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton
It's Too Late - Carole King
Haven't Got Time for the Pain - Carly Simon
Right Time of the Night - Jennifer Warnes
Reunited - Peaches & Herb
December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) - The 4 Seasons
Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow
Nobody Does it Better - Carly Simon
Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) - The Hollies
Song Sung Blue - Neil Diamond
Honesty - Billy Joel
Hold Your Head Up - Argent
Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting - Elton John
Takin' it to the Streets - The Doobie Brothers
Take the Money and Run - Steve Miller Band
Welcome Back - John Sebastian
We Are Family - Sister Sledge
Honey Honey - Abba
Hoplessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton-John
I Think I Love You - The Partridge Family
Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel
Shower the People - James Taylor
Follow You Follow Me - Genesis
Spill the Wine - War
Wild Night - Van Morrison
What a Fool Believes - The Doobie Brothers
Forever in Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond
Happy Days - Pratt & McClain
I Write the Songs - Barry Manilow
If You Leave Me Now - Chicago
New Kid in Town - The Eagles
The Entertainer - Billy Joel
Three Times a Lady - The Commodores
Head Games - Foreigner
Double Vision - Foreigner
Crocodile Rock - Elton John
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart
Making Our Dreams Come True - Cyndi Grecco
The Cover of "Rolling Stone" - Dr. Hook
Witchy Woman - The Eagles
Ring My Bell - Anita Ward

Cars of the 1970's

If this is about cars of the 1970's, why did I put this photo of a 1967 Ford Falcon? Because that was my first car and I drove it from 1975-1980. I loved this car. It had one problem...it had no air conditioning and the heater didn't work. My uncle sold his 1967 4-door Ford Falcon sedan to me for $600.00. I drove it through high school and our first years of marriage. It kept me safe through my teen years and drove me (and a lot of my friends) around. I would love to have one of these now in perfect condition!

This 1967 or 68 Ford Mustang convertible was just like my best friend's car while we were in high school in the 1970's. Her's had white leather interior with a white rag top. I specifically remember riding in a homecoming parade in that car. We hung signs on it urging our team to win. She accidentally wrecked it in her senior year.

This is a 1970 car. Back then they made them BIG and LONG.

This is a 1971 model. One of the muscle cars of the 1970's. Look how long that front hood was!

This is a 1972 convertible. Another long and big car. They drove like sailboats!

This is a 1973 Volkswagen stationwagon. My husband had one like this when we started dating. It was a dark blue one. All I remember about it was that he had added a stereo with speakers and he had wires run EVERY WHERE! I had to be careful when I got in not to pull a wire out of something or get my feet tangled up in wire.

This is a 1972 Gran Torino from Ford. This was the first car Stan and I bought when we got married. Ours was gold with black interior. It was a fun car to drive although it looked sort of like a muscle car so I wasn't really in love with it. But it was the first car we ever had that had air conditioning. We traded it in for a bare-bones-but-brand-new Datsun cheapo about 1980 or 1981. It didn't have air conditioning but was automatic. (I couldn't drive a manual for a long time and might not could do it now.)

This is a 1973 station wagon. My Mom had a great big, cream yellow station wagon like this. I looked at a great big station wagon like this one time in the 1980's and they drove like big boats! We didn't get it.

Here is a 1974 Gremlin.

This is a 1975 Honda Hatchback. My sisters got brand new ones when they started driving. They were only about $3,000 @. My parents signed for them but the girls made their own car payments. They drove the hound out of their cars!

Here is a 1975 car. With a two door on these big cars, the car doors were so heavy! I never liked having a 2 door car because of that. I might use the back seat a few times a week but I was opening that heavy door every day!

This is a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I had a boyfriend whose parents bought him one for his birthday. It was such a nice car with white leather interior, turquoise and white vinyl half top.

This is also a 1976 car.

A 1977 MG Midget. I had a boyfriend who had one of these. The least practical car you could ever have! It's too small to be comfortable, too small to carry anything and just plain too small. It was a dangerous car too. Being a sportscar people tend to overdrive them...they go too fast and hit corners too fast and yet there is absolutely no protection if you have a wreck. Sure enough, he wrecked his and totalled it. Thank God he wasn't killed!

Here is a 1978 Camaro. Another very popular muscle car. I hate muscle cars! I always have. It's like the owner is having to prove something and gives the driver a stupid reckless and dangerous attitude. I've never found it attractive.

This is a 1979 Mercedes. My Mom and Dad had one of these. Brand new it cost over $20,000 and I thought my parents had gone crazy paying that much for a car! You could nearly buy a house for that! Of course, now, if you could buy a brand new Mercedes for $60,000 you would be doing good! And, yes, you can still buy houses for $60,000 (you can here in upstate SC).

Here is a Bob Barker beauty (I think) with a '70's Vega. My sister, Elaine, had a Vega for her first car. It was a 2 door version and was blue. She had this until she got the Honda Hatchback.

As a teenager during the 1970's I vividly recall the fashions of that era. I scoured the Internet and found photos of things I remember from the 1970's.

Remember the plaid maxi skirts with boots, turtleneck sweaters and velvet jackets? Most of the girls in my high school wore this for the Homecoming Football game.

And remember how we wore cut off blue jeans (men and women) for shorts! The guys I knew even wore them for swimming. We girls liked them shorth with the ragged edges. I even hand embroidered mine.

And talk about shorts! We liked hot pants!

I also remember the suede and fringe jackets and boots. I had a fringed suede jacket and the moccasin boots.

Here's a man's fringed vest.

I wore them with blue jeans and these kinds of peasant shirts with the embroidery and cinched necks.

We wore high waisted designer blue jeans.

The guys wore these bluejeans.

The boys in high school went through a faze of wearing these striped polo shirts.

Here are some tennis shoes that look like the ones that were popular.

Men and women wore platform shoes. I had a pair of sandals just like these.

Corduroy pants were popular for men for casual wear, as were corduroy sports jackets.

Men's polyester dress slacks were for dressier occasions. And the wild colors, contrasting outer stitching and plaids were popular.

And held up with a white belt.

As you can see patchwork was popular in pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, pocketbooks.

Here are a pair of patchwork suede shoes.

Polyester leisure suits were in every shade of the rainbow!

Talking about polyester and pastels...tuxedos were in all the rainbow colors and had all kinds of ruffled shirts.

And the polyester evening dresses for the Prom were popular in my high school. I had a dress just like these in dark teal.

Long sundresses or sleeved dresses in swiss dot were popular too. My Mother actually made a lovely blue swiss dotted long sundress for my sister to wear to her Prom but we also wore it as bridesmaids in each other's weddings. My sister was married in a long white sundress with the ruffles that were so pretty for a young girl! See the photo above of the tuxedos. The girls in the long white dresses and the girl in the long green dress are wearing dresses in this style.

For going to the disco, men wore polyester slacks, polyester shirts with opened necks, leisure suits and platform shoes.

At the disco, girls wore polyester dresses with varying hemlines, jumpsuits, bell bottom pants with halter tops, etc. And platform shoes!

I loved these halter tops for the summer.

Hemlines were up and down in the 1970's. From mini-skirts to maxi-skirts. I had them all.

Remember the Member's Only leather jackets? Stan had one.

And the suede coats with fake lamb's wool.

I remember these sweaters on boys too.

I loved the high waisted slacks and trousers.

The crocheted, knitted look was in too. Shawls, ponchos, long sweaters, etc.

Here are some leather pocketbooks from the 1970's.

I had a fold over patent leather purse exactly like this one.

I had a purse just like this except in different colors.

The puka shell necklaces for the boys were a fashion.

And, finally, the bathing suits of the 1970's. I particular liked wearing the maillot bathing suit like these.

Here is the 1970's bikini.

Being a teenager of the 1970's, I remember those hairdos well! With the advent of blow dryers, curling irons and hot rollers back in those days and it really changed the look of hair. When you didn't have to sleep with wet hair on hard rollers, it made a real difference. You could wash your hair in the morning and blow dry it, then use your curling iron or hot rollers while you put on your makeup and Voila!

Here is the long hair style with the feathering at the sides enhanced with a curling iron. One of the women on Charlie's Angels had her hair like this.

Here is a photo of the original Charlie's Angels. All three hairstyles were popular. I had the Sabrina look a couple of times.

Here are the famous Farah Fawcett hairstyles. Those wings!

People think the "do-rag" is a modern invention? Well, you are wrong. It's actually a very old way to keep sweat off your head. But it became a fashion statement in the 1970's and has come back around.

Bo Derrick and her braids from the movie "10".

Warren Beatty wore his hair in so many styles during the 1970's and all of them became imitated by the everyday male.

Here are the rock 'n roll styles. I LOVE long hair on men if it's neat and clean. I guess this is why!

Afros were really popular for blacks and whites. For black people, the bigger the 'fro, the better!. Some even wore their hair picks in their hair all the time. I had to have a permanent for an afro hairstyle in the late 1970's. I didn't have it for very long though, it didn't suit me.

Well, if you wanted long hair but lived with conservative parents, this was about as long as Dad would tolerate it. I saw many a young man with a hairstyle like this.

Here are the different lengths of the turned under hairstyle. I had a hybrid of this style. I had the Farah Fawcett winged bangs on top but the turned under and length like this on bottom.

I also had this perky short haircut made famous by the Olympic skater, Dorothy Hamill.

I got online and found some 1970's homes and furniture and the 1970's decor. Here is what I found.

1970's wallpaper

1970's Shag carpet

1970's bathrooms

1970's Kitchens

1970's Furniture

1970's Gadgets

Does any of this bring back memories? It does me! My thanks to people who put these photos on the Internet so we could all enjoy going back in time.

When I was eighteen years old (and newly married) in 1977, my youngest sister, Melinda, took some photos of me at my Grandparents home in Converse Heights. They turned out to be some of the best I had from that time in my life. I recently did these digital scrapbook pages about being eighteen years old.

Just like the 1960's inspired me to do a '60s scrapbook, so did the '70's. Again, I tried to pick papers and elements that had 1970's colors, patterns and designs. Here are pictures of my 1970's scrapbook.

I had major surgery when I was 11 yrs old in 1971. This is about that. I drew the cartoon based on one I saw on the Internet.

Stan in his Prom tuxedo. It was very fashionable at the time but pretty funny now.

A school dance that I went to with a friend.

I have, and still have, a nice set of silver and turquoise jewelry. I've always loved it. It was very popular during the 1970's.

Those are actually my peacock feather earrings that I've had all these years.

My mother made this long halter dress for my 9th grade graduation. I was very proud of it.

Our junior high school

Our high school years

I hope I've prompted some memories in you!

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Anonymous said...

What a great time machine you created! We were born on the same year and you just offered the details of my growing up life in photos! What a blast! Thanks!

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