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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Funny - What Has Become Obsolete In Our Lifetime

Friday Funny is a daily blogging prompt at Geneabloggers.com suggested by Jennie Pak of They Came to Montana.

Here are some things that I thought of that are now nearly obsolete just in my lifetime:

Stereo cabinets, those pieces of furniture that held 2 speakers, a AM/FM radio and turntable

Large "entertainment centers" that held those big deep TVs


Console TV

Jalousie windows

Fax machines

Notebook day planner


Binders (I used to use notebooks a lot for organzing but now I use digital notebooks)

Film camera, film, negatives, film development

Road maps

Wind up clocks and wristwatches

Newspapers (Everything is on the Internet for free now.)

Printed magazines (You can download them to your tablet.)

Rotary dial telephones

Pay phones and phone booths


Reel-to-reel, 8 track tapes and Cassette tapes and players

Phonebooks (Why do we still get these printed books when we can Google it?)

Paying bills using checks and stamps


AM radio

Electric typewriters and word processors (It's all computer now, baby!)

Game Arcades (We play video games at home now.)

Dot matrix printers/ dot matrix printer tables

Bag phones and car phones (the original cell phones)

Music stores (You can download digital music from the Internet, there isn't much need for an actual store.)

Video rental stores (You can download digital movies from the Internet and you have cable/satellite with premium movie channels, although I think we will see that go obsolete too as we move more towards digital download.)

Cook books

Encyclopedias and other reference books

Bible reference source books (It's much easier to do Bible study digitally.)

Pacman, Pong, those first one dimensional video games.


Keypunch data entry

Computer tape spools, 5 1/4 floppy disks and 3 1/2 floppy disks

Cars without air conditioning or seat belts

The belt machine that shook the fat off you

Mimeograph machine (I had to use one at my first secretarial job.)


Word Processor

Briefcases (I mean, everything can be saved on the cloud and opened on a laptop at any time, any where. No need to cart files back and forth in a briefcase in order to do work at home.)

Can you think of other things that have become obsolete in our lifetime? Please comment.

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