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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Built In Ironing Boards

I'm not the first to be interested in neato torpedo ironing board ideas!

If you have an older home you may already have a built in ironing board closet or cabinet. If the original wooden ironing board is missing or unwieldy, you can replace it. Use the space to replace with a modern cabinet. Or use it to hold your regular ironing board. You can use coat hoooks to hold it inside the cabinet.

If it's not located well in your home, then use it as a cabinet for other things. Put some shelves in it.

There are just some things that every household has and I'm not sure why architects, builders and contractors don't include them when they are designing and building or remodeling homes. For instance everyone uses an ironing board. They are unwieldy and a pain to put up and down and yet they are unsightly to leave up and out all the time. My Mom always had one up in her bedroom. I did too for many years. Finally I got sick and tired of seeing it. So I quit ironing. Stan still wants to iron so he still has one up in his bedroom. But I don't iron any more. Then I got to thinking about having a hidden ironing board. I did some Google searches to find some ideas.

I began to think where would be the best place to put one. In the laundry room? In the closet? In the bathroom? In the hallway? In the dressing room? For both of us to use it, it would be best in our hallway outside the bedrooms. But I'm not sure I want it there. The laundry room is too far from the bedrooms and bathrooms. Decide where you would use it. For me, I really could use 2-3 ironing boards to be most convenient. One in the laundry room and one in each bedroom. But I doubt that's going to happen.

If you find an idea that you like, you can do the same Google search I did on "ironing board cabinet", "ironing board closet", "built in ironing board".

I've always wanted a builtin ironing board. I've been doing some Google searches to find all the different kinds of built in ironing boards.

It doesn't always have to be a normal ironing board. If you sew, you could use the wooden top of the cabinet.

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