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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Brett Helping Grandma Naomi Bake Christmas Cookies

Our niece, Jenny, and her husband, Kyle, have 2 little boys. Brett is 4 years old and little Ryan is 7 months old. Kyle is in the Air Force and a recruiter in Illinois. His large family lives there so they are pretty close and Jenny has help with the children. I'm very thankful that she has his family there and that they have accepted her into their fold and watch out for her and the boys. Kyle's parents, Naomi and Matt, had 6 children of their own and have about 15 or 16 grandchildren so Naomi is a pro with little kids. Naomi taught Jenny how to make her Christmas cookies this year. Jenny brought some of them home when she brought the boys for a Christmas visit a couple of weeks before Christmas. She had packaged them so beautifully and they were so good that it could have come from a gourmet bakery. Jenny snapped a photo of Brett and one of his many cousins, Zane, as they "helped" Grandma Naomi and Jenny baking Christmas cookies and I had to do a digital scrapbook page of it. His little cousin, Zane, was covered in flour! I thought Brett would get a kick out of the expressions on the half eaten gingerbread men.

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