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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Unusual Textiles

When decorating your home, think outside the box when it comes to textiles. Scarves, fabric, sarongs, saris, serapes are being used for home decor. They can be used as curtains, to cover pillows, upholstering, framing, or as decorative accessories. Here are a few ideas I found on a Google search. Love the creativity out there!

Using sari's in home decorating. Here they are used as canopies.

Framed scarves clustered on a wall.

Scarves hide what's behind these glass doors.

An old fashioned table scarf.

Wrap a scarf around a pillow and knot.

Using a scarf to make a pillow is a good idea. Here are a cluster of scarf pillows.

If you collect vintage scarves, you can use them in your decor.

Framed scarf used to top a table.

Sari throw pillows

A vintage framed scarf decorates this room beautifully.

Using a serape to upholster an ottoman, other furniture, making pillows or using as afghans.

Throw a large pretty scarf over one of those plastic drawer sets to hide it.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Upside Down

Our great niece, Savannah, is so cute. She's always smiling! Her mother took this photo of her bent over. It was such a cute photo. Here is my digital scrapbook page of Savannah upside down.


Jenny and her two boys, Brett and Ryan, were down visiting in August. Luke and Ronnie joined them in clowning around in the yard. Elaine got some cute photos! Here is my digital scrapbook page on them clowning around.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Cleaning Out A Kitchen Cabinet

Today I cleaned one of my kitchen cabinets. You start by pulling everything out and wiping down the shelves.

I purged washed up all of the dishes.

Then I organized and put them back in the cabinet. I wanted to make sure that I kept it efficient, so that it functions well for me. I happen to have some extra deep upper cabinets which are WONDERFUL!! Stuff I don't use much goes to the back of the cabinet or on the upper shelf.

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