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Monday, September 24, 2012

Decorating in Shades of Pink

There are lots of shades of pinks to choose from and you don't have to be afraid of using pink. It can be very Victorian, shabby chic or romantic but pink can also be used in contemporary, modern, and exotic designs. Think outside of the box.

Let's look at the color of pink that is called tea rose.

Here are hybrid tea roses

To get you in the mood

Tea rose carpet

A tea rose marble

A beautiful wallpaper

Now let's look at Carnation Pink.

Carnation Pink granite

A pale pink mauve on the walls but the bright pink carnations in the vases picks up the carnation pink color.

The pink on the walls is Amaranth but the pink in the chairs and ottoman are pink carnation.

Notice the carnation pink rug.

The chairs are dark pink but notice the carnation pink in the pillows, valances beside the fireplace, etc.

So don't be afraid of decorating with pink. There are all different shades of pink like hot pink, fuschia pink, magenta pink, ruby pink, cerise pink, light pink, coral pink, etc. Here are some more pink ideas:

Vintage pink kitchens...

...carried over to modern day

Vintage pink bathrooms...

...carried over to today!

Pink is great for little girls but it's not just for girls any more!

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