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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using Pearls in Your Decor

Pearls are so elegant. Amelia Earhart was the Pilot in Pearls! She was well known for her scarves and pearls.

Whether pearl chokers, multiple pearl strands, graduated pearl necklaces or one long strand of pearls, they have a way of making every woman looked dressed up and glamorous.

Pearls can be used in decorating your house too. If you have some imagination, you can use pearls or mother-of-pearl to accent your home decor. If you have some costume pearl necklaces think about ways to use them in your decor. Buy some pearl beads to fill a bowl or scatter some on a mirrored tray.

I found some photos on the Internet of how people used pearls, mother-of-pearl and pearlescent tiles to decorate with. It gave me some great ideas. Festoon a mirror with pearls....

This is called a pearl lamp because the shape of the base resembles a strand of pearl beads.

Pearlescent tiles....

This mirror has a mother-of-pearl frame!

Pearl or bead edged bowl.

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