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Thursday, August 30, 2012

On The Beach

We got to spend time with Luke, Hannah and Savannah at Hunting Island Park beach. Here are the digital scrapbook pages I made of our day at the beach.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Colonial Cemetery Park, Savannah, GA

Here are the digital scrapbook pages of the Colonial Cemetery Park in Savannah, GA. I love old cemeteries and have begun collecting photos of cemetery art on the gravestones.

Savannah, GA Architecture

Here is my digital scrapbook page of the architecture in Savannah, GA.

St. John The Baptist Cathedral, Savannah, GA

The digital scrapbook page of St. John The Baptist Cathedral in Savannah, GA.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lady And Two Sons, Savannah, GA

When we were in Savannah, GA last week we ate my birthday dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady And Two Sons. Here are my digital scrapbook pages of our dinner at Paula Deen's restaurant.

Moon River Brewing Co., Savannah, GA

When we were in Savannah, Ga last week we had dinner at the Moon River Brewing Co. where the Ghost Adventures once investigated for ghosts. That happens to be one of my favorite shows. I don't believe in ghosts, but I do believe in demonic tricks to make people believe in ghosts. People are really seeing something but it isn't the spirits of dead people but demons disguised as dead people in order to confuse people and make them believe in ghosts. Many people will believe in ghosts but NOT in Jesus Christ. This is a trick and strategy of the devil. I believe the same thing about aliens. People are really experiencing things but it's not aliens but demons disguised as aliens. People will believe in aliens but NOT Jesus Christ. It's a strategy of the devil. One day, when Christians are raptured, people will believe it's an alien abduction rather than that Jesus has gathered His flock. Anyway, I still love the show. I don't know why but I don't miss it. So we went there to have fun and say we'd been there. I made photos and had a lot of fun doctoring them up with "ghosts". So here are my digital scrapbook page of the "ghosts" we saw at Moon River Brewing Co. Look carefully for the "ghosts" in the pictures.

Trip To Savannah, GA and Beaufort, SC

On my birthday Stan and I went to Savannah, GA. It's been in 8 yrs since I was last there and for Stan it's probably been 34 yrs! We stayed in a great hotel, the Hilton Doubletree on W. Bay. It was very well located, the staff was great, it was clean and very comfortable. There was only 2 complaints: the $16.00 breakfast was terrible and the pool was ice cold! I like to work out in the pool but I only talked myself into it one time because it was so cold. It's an exterior pool and it was August so why it was so cold I don't know. But the whirlpool was nice and hot and Stan got to enjoy the little gym. After that awful breakfast, I made an easy walk to Goose Feathers Express Cafe and Bakery for delicious breakfasts and a lunch.

I highly recommend Goose Feathers! The Eggetarian: 2 poached eggs with pesto, tomato, cheddar and hollandaise on a croissant... was excellent!

The first night, which was my birthday, we ate at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady And Two Sons. It wasn't far from the hotel so we walked. Since we ate so much, that was a good thing because the walk back helped. Even though it was a Tuesday evening and early, our wait was still 45 mins. We walked to the City Market Park and sat and waited.

As expected the attached store is overpriced and didn't have a lot to choose from. The restaurant is faded and comes across dirty. I had the Beef Medallions and Tomato Pie.

Stan had the Shrimp and Grits. The food was excellent. It's not a cheap restaurant but I wasn't shocked by the prices. Be prepared to spend between $18-$25@ on entree alone. The buffet was all-you-can eat for $17.99. It was Southern food which I have all the time so we ordered from the entrees.

The next morning, Stan had to go to the training seminar that he came for. It was at McNaughton-McKay and he really enjoyed the two days of training. But that left me to myself for 2 days. I had a slow morning. I slept late, had that awful breakfast and then went to the pool to work out. Between the whirlpool and the pool I was totally relaxed. I got my shower and went to Goose Feathers for lunch. I had a Turkey and havarti on croissant with a blackberry spread. Then I walked around shopping for a few hours. I didn't buy anything. The stores were very expensive stores. I could afford to pay $300 for a purse but I refuse to! One of my most favorite stores that I visited as the Paris Market.

I got back to the hotel and took a nap and read until Stan came in. Then we walked to the Moon River Brewing Co at the River Front on W. Bay St. One of my favorite shows is Ghost Adventures and they did a show on this restaurant so I looked forward to visiting it. It opened in 1826 and it feels just that old.

We started with the Leek and Goat Cheese Cakes. Yummm! Then I had Salmon Oscar which was filet of North Atlantic salmon, grilled and topped with a crab cake and cusabi (cucumber and wasabi) sauce. Stan had the Chicken and Sausage Creole. They were good, not excellent. The crab cake was great but the salmon was a little dry and tasteless. Stan wasn't overly impressed with his either. The escalloped potatoes were out of this world! Plan on spending $15-$22@ for entree alone.

We walked on the River Front after dinner.

OnThursday, Stan went back to his training. I walked to Goose Feathers for breakfast. then I began strolling in order to sight see. I went to the Colonial Cemetery Park and really enjoyed walking around and taking photos. It was used for almost all those who died in Savannah from 1746 until it was closed due to crowding in 1853. So there are colonial and new republic and antebellum styles represented in the gravestones and underground vaults. Many famous people are buried there along with the 700 victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1820. I hope you enjoy the photos I took and the comments on the cemetery art.

Then I continued to stroll and take pictures of the architecture. I'm always intriqued by old architecture.

St. John The Baptist Cathedral

Lafayette Square

Hamilton Turner Inn (Boy, would I love to stay here!)

Flannery O'Connor's childhood home on Lafayette Square

After doing all that walking I was caught in a thunderstorm. It was raining torrents! Thankfully I was only a block away from the hotel but I got drenched walking that block and ended up dripping all the way to my room until I got a second shower. They hadn't gotten the room cleaned yet so I got my Kindle Fire and took it to the lobby and drank hot tea and enjoyed the comfy couch for a couple of hours of rest.

When Stan got back to the hotel we walked back to the River Front and ate at the River House.

We really enjoyed the food! The service was excellent and we started with a signature drink called the Chatham Artillery Punch! It was great and we got complimentary glasses to take home. I had the friend shrimp platter and it was, honestly, the best fried shrimp I've ever had!!! And a lot of it too! As it happened, the day we were there, the new chef started with a brand new menu. The fried shrimp was kept from the old menu but Stan had something from the new menu and he really loved it too. I can't remember the menu prices exactly (I forgot to get a menu when I left) but I think you could plan to spend $20-$30@ for entree only. But it was worth it!

Chatham Artillery Punch
1 1/2 gallons catawba wine
1/2 gallon rum
1 quart gin
1 quart brandy
1/2 pint Benedictine
2 quarts Maraschino cherries
1 1/2 quarts rye whiskey
1 1/2 gallons strong tea
2 1/2 popunds brown sugar
1 1/2 quarts orange juice
1 1/2 quarts lemon juice.
Mix 36-48 hours before serving.

Friday morning we had to leave but we drove to Beaufort in order to meet our nephew, Luke, and his family for some time with them. On the way I happend to see a large thrift store, Off Island Thrift Store, in Bluffington, SC. We stopped there and found out there were two more buildings just down the road. So we spent an hour or so shopping. I found a brand new Etienne Aigner purse for $12! Now that's more like it! I have bought and used Coach purses at yard sales for $5 (one lasted 3 yrs and the other one lasted 2 yrs and I re-sold both of them at a yard sale for the same $5) but these thrift stores have decided to take the freely donated items and re-sell them at top dollars. I saw a Coach purse for $75!!! Yes, that's $200+ cheaper than buying them new but I think they should be $25 or less at a thrift store for a used purse! Same with the furniture. They had tons of furniture from all the vacation homes down there. But they were asking nearly new prices. I don't want to give $300 for a dirty, faded, used couch. I don't know what's got into thrift stores now! I still find some good prices occasionally but not nearly like it used to be.

Then we went on to the Tanger Outlets and shopped. Stan found some new tennis shoes (he really needed some) and a t-shirt from Underarmour that was on sale. Someone handed Stan a coupon for 50% off the sale price! I bought some new blue jeans and 2 new t-shirts at Lane Bryant. The jeans were on sale for $19.99 and the t-shirts were on sell too so we got some good deals.

Then we went to downtown Beaufort, SC and shopped and walked the park. It was a charming town. I loved the park and we especially enjoyed the many swings they had facing the shore.

Luke, Hannah and Savannah left home after he got off from work and they met us for dinner at one of their favorite little restaurants near where we stayed. Her family has a couple of campers near Hunting Island Park. So we ate at Boondocks restaurant. I got fried shrimp, scallops and oysters. They were good. The restaurant was little old and dirty looking but the staff was great and the food was good for the money. I think I got the most expensive thing and it was $18.

Here are the photos we took of Saturday at the Hunting Island Park, SC.

We left to come home Saturday evening. It was a great week and I was sad it was over.

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