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Friday, August 10, 2012

Stan's Smoked Chicken Salad

My husband, Stan, loves his BIG grill. He shares it with one of our nephews, Luke, who won it in a raffle. Stan has added a lot to the original grill. And he loves cooking with it. He finally took the time to take photos and write down his instructionson how to make his Smoked Chicken Salad.

He has 2 gas burners on one end of the grill and a smoke box on this end of the grill.
He uses charcoal and wood.
Apple wood - mild
Pecan wood - strong
Wild Cherry wood - mild
Peach wood - mild
Hickory wood - mild to strong
Oak wood - mild to strong

He prepared the charcoal in his small grill. You set it on fire and make sure the briquettes turn white. This keeps your meat from getting that charcoal lighter fluid taste. Put Apple wood (or other preferred wood) in with the white charcoal briquettes. Let the wood become ignited and it starts to smoke. Then transfer coals and wood to the smoker box in the big grill. Meanwhile turn on the gas burners and get the grill up to 300F. Don't place the chicken directly over the gas burner flames and have the grill rack 16" from the flame. Put the lid down and let cook 4 leg quarters for 4 hours. DO NOT CHECK the inner temperature of the chicken with a probe thermometer as it punctures the meat and lets the natural juices out and the chicken will be dry. When you think they are done, then turn off the gas, open all the dampers and let it sit and cool naturally. This gives it time to rest.

4 leg quarters, thawed
No marinating
Rub with black pepper, celery salt, paprika, chile powder
Mist with olive oil

Place the leg quarters 16" from gas flame and NOT directly over the flames.
Smoke for 4 hours (don't open the lid a lot as that loses the heat and makes it take longer).

Pull chicken from the bone, remove the skin, and chop finely.

2/3 cup Ranch dressing
1/2 cup horseradish sauce (Inglehoffer)
1 cup mayonnaise (Duke's)
2 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp salt

Stir and serve as sandwiches or with crackers.

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