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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Savannah At The Beach

Hannah's family has a place in Beaufort, SC. They get to go several times a year and here is a photo they took of Savannah playing on the beach. This is the digital scrapbook page I made of her on the beach.

What A Mess!

Hannah took this photo of her little girl, Savannah, after she had a good time with her food! What a mess! So cute! Here is the digital scrapbook page I made of her mess.

Lollypop Girl

Little Savannah eating her first lollypop. I used a digital quickpage for this digital scrapbook page of her eating her first lollypop.

Hillbilly Hot Tub

Our grand niece, Savannah, was playing in a big cook pot outside in the backyard. Her grandmother, my sister, Elaine, took the sign and put it there and took this picture. It's so cute! This is my digital scrapbook page of Savannah in the Hillbilly Hot Tub.

Dad's 50th High School Reunion

I made this digital scrapbook page of Dad's 50th High School Reunion in 2004. I think he graduated from Aquadale High School in Stanly County, NC. I used a class photo they made on their Senior road trip to Washington, DC along with the photo of the ones who made it to the 50th reunion. Dad really enjoyed that reunion.

Bucket Heads

Hannah took this photo of Savannah, our great niece, at the beach with a bucket on her head. I remembered that I had a couple of photos of me about the same age with a bucket on my head. Here is the digital scrapbook page I did of the two of us, same age, with buckets on our heads!

Ryan, Petit Prince

Our niece, Jenny, sent us this photo she took of their baby boy, Ryan. I made this digital scrapbook page of titled "Mon Petit Prince"

Turkey Butts

When my sister, Elaine, went to visit Jenny in Illinois, they took her to Hank's Farm Restaurant in Ottawa, IL. While they were there, these two beautiful turkeys were there and Elaine took these photos. One is of her grandson (our great nephew), Brett, with the two beautiful turkeys backsides towards the camera. I had to make this digital scrapbook page of Brett with the beautiful turkey butts! I wanted it to be playful, summer and fun. I think I accomplished this.

The South Is Not Forgotten

Jenny took this adorable photo of our great nephew, Brett, with a rebel flag he found in the local Farm and Fleet Store in their little town in Illinois. He was born in Charleston, SC and has a Southern mother and a Yankee daddy. So we tease all the time, back and forth, about The War. Here is the digital scrapbook page I made of Brett with his rebel flag (Confederate battle flag).

Jenny and Brett With Sparklers

Jenny took this photo of Brett with his first sparkler on July 4th. I used a quickpage for this photo. A quickpage is one that is already made for you and all you do is add your photos. But this one was for a birthday so I had to modify it. So here is my modified digital scrapbook page of Brett with his sparkler.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

July 4th Decorations

I looked for 4th of July decorating ideas on the Internet and found some great ideas. These fourth of July decorations hit the ball out of the park!

July fourth decorations

Fourth of July decorations

Fourth of July decorating ideas

July 4th decor

Independence Day decorating

Independence Day decorations

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