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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trip To See Jenny

Stan took his mother, sister and our youngest nephew to see Jenny, Kyle, Brett and Ryan last week. Peggy, Angie, Logan and Stan drove up there to see the baby. They got there Tuesday night and came home Sunday so they had 4 days with them. One day they made a day trip to Chicago. And on Saturday, Kyle's parents gave them a baby shower luncheon. Ryan was born about 2 weeks ago but Naomi and Matt waited to have the baby shower so that some of our family could be there. That was very thoughtful of them and Stan said the food was great. You will see from the photos that Naomi decorated with a cowboy theme. That was the theme Jenny used for Ryan's nursery and Naomi did a beautiful job decorating for the party. It's a long drive and they made a few stops along the way to sightsee. But Stan kept them on a tight schedule.

When they got there, they unpacked and gave Jenny and Brett the gifts everyone had sent.

Great Grandma Peggy got to see Ryan for the first time.

Stan and I had found a little boy's set of golf clubs. A real set with the bag and everything! We got them at a yard sale for $10. So Stan got to show Brett how to use his new golf clubs.

One day they went to Starved Rock.

Jenny dressed the boys in matching outfits for their trip to Chicago.

At the Navy Pier

They took a tourist boat trip on the Chicago River.

Jenny and Kyle have a new above ground pool. Up there they have above ground pools because it's not smart to have a regular pool because of the all the freezing can ruin it. Anyway, they had a cookout and went swimming one night. Tick and Tack

Showing off his muscles.

And here is the baby shower luncheon.

Brett got to use the camera so these next two pictures are from his perspective.

And the last picture of our new little grandnephew, Ryan.

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