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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Brett Miss His Uncle Luke

Jenny said that Luke was riding his bicycle and suddenly stopped and told her he missed his Uncle Ook. I thought I would scrapbook this story Jenny told on Facebook. Here is the digital scrapbook page that I did.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Please May I Get Bigger?

Jenny told a funny story on Facebook about her son, Brett. Brett's Daddy likes to hunt and Brett wants to go hunting with his Daddy. He asked Jenny, "Please, Ma, can I got hunt with my Daddy?" Jenny replied, "Yes, when you get bigger." His funny comeback was, "Please can I get bigger?" I had to scrapbook that! Here is my digital scrapbook page of this funny story.

Savannah Peek A Boo

Our great niece, Savannah, was peeking into something red and Hannah got this photo. I loved it! Here is the digital scrapbook page I did that I called PeekaBoo.

Brett With A Blue Mouth

Our great nephew, Brett, was eating something with bright blue icing. Jenny got this photo and I love his eyes... so mischievous! Anyway, here is the digital scrapbook page I did of all that color!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hiram Lindsey Barnes

My Great Great Grandfather Lewis Frances Barnes who had a brother with a sad story. This is the digital scrapbook page I did journaling this sad story of what happened to Hiram Lindsey Barnes.

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Lee

My Dad has an older brother and older sister, Uncle Lee and Aunt Ruth. They were a good bit older than him and they babied him good. Aunt Ruth was like another mother to him. She has passed away now and we really miss her and her husband, Uncle Cecil. Uncle Lee is still with us but his wife, Aunt Eloise, has passed away too. We have a lot of good memories of them even though we never lived close. Here are the digital scrapbook pages I did of them .


Our grand niece, Savannah, is such a doll baby! I love scrapbooking our baby girl. Here I am reading to her. She wanted me to read to her and she took my finger and pushed it along on the page. I love to read so this tickled me!

Here she is with Hannah's parents, Savannah's maternal grandparents.

Brett Plays Drive Thru

Jenny says that Brett likes to play "drive thru" using their bay window. I had to piece this scrapbook page together to tell the story of playing "drive thru" fast food. I wanted it to look like a little boy's bright idea so I warped the house and added cartoon like drawings around it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds can be a good way to use space. Whether the bunkbeds are builtin or freestanding, it's a way to use vertical space. If you need to get more than one child, teen, or adult in a room, bunk beds are worth thinking about. You can use a bunkbed in children's rooms but a bunk bed can also be used in a dorm room, an attic room, a small apartment, a city high rise, a ski lodge bedroom, a beach house bunk room, a lake house bedroom, a hunting lodge bunkroom, a mountain lodge or a dude ranch bunk house.

I did a Google image search for bunk beds and found a lot of wonderful bunk beds. I tried to pick out a good sampling of the bunk beds, both built in bunkbeds and free standing bunkbeds. I tried to choose all kinds of different styles, ideas and price ranges. I hope you enjoy and get some ideas. I tried to pick beds that were easier to climb into and easier to change the sheets on.

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