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Friday, May 04, 2012

Garden Sheds

A lot of people have yards and need a potting bench, potting shed or garden shed. So I decided to look for photos using Google search to get ideas for potting benches and potting sheds. Whether you have a large and more formal potting shed or a small potting closet, there are ways to make it look attractive and organized.

First decide what you want your potting area to be. Is it more for decoration? Is it more like a gazebo for sitting and enjoying the garden? Is it to be a children's playhouse until they grow out of it and then used as a potting shed? Is it suppose to store your mower? Or just your tools, pots and potting soil? Do you need running water with a sink? Does it need electricity? Does it need to be big enough to store your patio funiture or cushions? Do you want it to be a place to keep your potted plants during the winter? Do you need it to store dry wood for your fireplace? Will you be building it yourself, purchased or hire a contractor?

Here are ideas I got for garden sheds, potting sheds, potting benches. I tried to pick out photos that would appeal to any taste or income level.

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