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Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Lock, Stock And Barrel" and "A Flash In The Pan"

"He sold it lock, stock and barrel". This phrase comes from a musket which contained a lock, or flintlock, which is the firing mechanism; stock, the wooden handle of the musket; and barrel, the cylindrical tube that the bullet goes through. I.e. He sold everything, all the pieces.

Another phrase that has something to do with a musket is "A flash in the pan". It means something or someone who has a brief flash of fire but had no real substance. Volatile but no bullet. It didn't accomplish it attempted. Someone who enjoys transient success but then fails. A success which begins suddenly but ends quickly. For instance, "John Smith came into town but he was a flash in the pan." "That play was a flash in the pan."

Flintlock muskets used to have small pans to hold charges of gunpowder. An attempt to fire the musket in which the gunpowder flared up without a bullet being fired was a 'flash in the pan'.

Some people think that "a flash in the pan" comes from American gold prospectors looking for the gleam of gold in their prospecting pans. But the saying is much older than that and goes back to the old muskets.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter 2012

We had our annual Easter lunch at Kenny and Anna's house. Stan is the oldest and Kenny is next in line. Their sons are Evans, Aaron and little Logan. Aaron couldn't be here because he's in college at The Citadel. Evans is doing so much better since his serious accident back last November. Remember, he and his co-worker, were in a scissor lift about 28' in the air when it tilted and fell dragging them down with it onto a concrete floor. They were both seriously injured and Evans has had to have neck, back, both ankles, and an elbow operated on. He will never be 100% like he was but he's so much better. He's able to walk and is beginning to make plans for his future. He and his girlfriend, Chelsea, are engaged to be married in 2013! So we have a lot to be thankful for!

We also have Savannah. This is her 2nd Easter but she was too little to know much about it last year. This year she was able to engage and enjoy it. Kenny and Anna's youngest son, Logan, is only 8 yrs old so he still loves the Easter fun. He tried to help Savannah play this year and find Easter eggs. He's really good with her.

Here are the photos of Savannah dying Easter eggs at Grandma's on Saturday.

Here is Stan as we start out to go to Kenny and Anna's. He's on our front porch.

Luke and Savannah

Evans tries to teach Chelsea how to hit a golf ball.

Kenny, Elaine and Ronnie

Elaine and Ronnie



The food was, as always, fantastic!

Savannah in her Easter outfit.

Elaine, her son, Luke, and his daughter, her granddaughter, Savannah. Three generations.

The family... Luke, Hannah and Savannah.

Logan playing on his trampoline.

Some of the flowers in Kenny and Anna's yard. These are her Lady Bank Roses

Sitting around talking.

Katie, Kathi, Kenny






The matriarch, Peggy.

Kenny's off to hide the Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

Playing games after the Easter Egg Hunt

The egg cracking game.

The egg toss game.

The egg carrying game.

Of course we missed Jenny, Kyle and Brett! Jenny sent us some photos of Brett for Easter.

Here he is dressed for Easter.
Here are my Easter digital scrapbook pages.

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