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Friday, March 09, 2012

My Coffee Cozy

I found a pattern on the Internet for a coffee cozy and tried to make my own yesterday. I even put a pocket on it to hold my coffee card (get 5 coffes and get the 6th one free).

I used velcro to faste mine around the cup. Some use a large button with a small elastic cord loop. I could also see a bigger piece of flat elastic to fasten it much like a pony tail. These would make great gifts too.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Our Nephew, Evans, Need Prayer

An email from Evans' parents:

Hi everyone - It has been almost 4 months since Evan's accident. He continues to recover and is looking forward to his return to a new normal life and a future with Chelsea.

He will have arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle on Monday, March 12. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for him and for Dr. Weatherby who will do the surgery.



Evans came home from the hospital a few days before Christmas and is continuing his recovery from his fall. He begins outpatient physical therapy at Mary Black next week.
He recently saw Dr.Weatherby at Steadman Hawkins and will have surgery on his left ankle in 6 weeks. His right ankle is healing fairly well.

It has been 8 weeks now, and he has been doing remarkably well, but still has a long journey ahead. Please continue lifting him up in prayer.
The other man that fell, Tracy Hughes, is also recovering and needs prayer. He is now in outpatient therapy at Roger Peace in Greenville to work on some problems with his eyes.

Anna and Kenny


This is an email from Evans' mother, Anna:

Hi again everyone - We found out yesterday that Evans will be discharged from rehab on Thursday to continue recovering at home until his broken bones heal enough for him to participate in physical therapy. He will then go to outpatient therapy. So he will be home for Christmas! An MRI showed that both ankles are broken, and he will likely need surgery at some point. We do not know when and are working on finding a foot surgeon to consult. One more thing - remember Chelsea (his former fiance)? She has been visiting a lot and it looks like they may be rekindling their relationship.

We appreciate your continued prayer as Evans recovers from the accident and we seek the best doctors to determine what needs to occur next.

Anna and Kenny


12/11/2011 An update on our nephew, Evans: They found out that BOTH ankles are broken. One is so badly splintered that the surgeon doesn't know what to do. He's refused to operate on it himself. He's afraid of doing more damage. They also now suspect hie forearm (below the broken elbow that he had surgery on) is broken. I'm not sure why they didn't do a full body MRI when he came in from such an accident which would have shown all these injuries instead of discovering them nearly a month later. Right now we don't know what they will do about his ankles and other arm. This was very discouraging news for him and for all of us, his family. But we serve a God in whom nothing is impossible. What human doctors cannot do, God can! We are asking for a miracle of healing on his behalf. And we are asking for a gift of faith to edify us all during this time. The other man, Tracy, had more surgery last week and also still needs our prayers. Stan has been going up to the hospital every day. He takes him food from whatever we have for supper because Evans has lost weight. But God is good and His mercy endures forever. Evans is alive and able to move so we have much to be thankful for. Evans is a precious gift, as are all our nieces and nephews (niece-in-law and nephews-in-law too). His life was preserved for a reason and we look forward to a complete recovery to God's glory!


This is an email from Evans' mother, my sister-in-law, Anna Harris -
Hi everyone - Evans was moved to Mary Black rehab this afternoon - Center for Rehabilitation - he will be in therapy at least 3 hrs. daily - visiting hrs. are from 4-8PM

He has made wonderful progress in the last few days! All sutures/staples have been removed and his appetite is returning fast - he refused to drink the Ensure that they gave him.

We do not know how long he will be in rehab at this point, but are hoping that he will be home by Christmas.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support!


11/29/2011 Evans had the 70 staples removed today from the surgery on his lower back! I had no idea there were so many! He was able to get in a wheelchair today. bless his heart!


11/28/2011 6:02pm Evans had neck surgery last Wednesday. That is all of the surgeries for now. We will have to wait and see if he needs surgery on his ankle. We missed having him at the family Thanksgiving but everyone went up to the hospital to see him. He may be able to move to Mary Black Hospital tomorrow to begin inpatient physical therapy. Right now it looks like at least 2 more weeks in the hospital. Mary Black is closer to home for his parents. He is still having problems with strength and tingling in his arm. The other man, Tracy, had to have surgery on his elbow, leg and his face but he is doing well. We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!


11/18/2011 5:45pm Evans is awake, talking, eating and able to move his limbs. He's in a good deal of pain and on medication. He has some numbness and tingling in one arm and the results from this morning's MRI show something in his neck which could be causing that. This may require more surgery. He is suppose to have surgery on his elbow tomorrow. They have splinted his broken ankle and will address that in a few days. He is still in ICU-Neuro at SRMC. So he's still in need of prayer. Tracy, the other man, has been moved from ICU to the Neuro ward. I didn't know this until today but he also has a broken leg along with his cracked skull and broken elbow. We appreciate your continued prayers in Jesus' Name. Thank you!


11/17/2011 10:00pm
Latest post on Evans condition (see below): He was in surgery for 8 hours today to repair his back vertebraes. They ended up having to work on 5-6 vertebrae and he got 2 titanium rods and screws. But he was moving his legs and wiggling his toes in recovery so that relieves us! The doctor said there were no complications and he will only be in ICU-Neuro one night before moving to a regular room. He has to be moving tomorrow so his muscles don't stiffen and begin spasming which would add to his pain. After his bone heals there shouldn't be any limitations. They still have to do something about his broken ankle and elbow. But we still have 2 concerns: There is the possibility of lifetime pain and degenerative disease (I guess that means like arthritis) as he ages. So we ask for your prayers again that there won't be lingering pain or degenerative disease. The other man is better. He had elbow surgery last night and he had a bad gash on his head and broken facial bones. It could have been so much worse and we are so thankful that they are alive and able to move. God is good!! Thanks for any prayers that supported Evans, Tracy and the family.


Our nephew, Evans, was injured on the job. He was in a scissor lift with another man when it toppled. They were 26' in the air and hit concrete. They are both alive but seriously injured. Today Evans has to go through surgery on his back for broken vertebrae. It's going to be a long and complicated surgery (unless God does an on-the-spot miracle, which He certainly can do!). The other man also needs prayer (his name is Tracy) as do the other people involved in the accident. There were no other injuries, but it was a traumatizing situation for them and for our family. Evans parents (Kenny and Anna) are naturally terrified. I appreciate any prayers in Jesus' Name on all their behalf!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Decorating With Plates

Plates are another way to decorate your home. You can arrange plates in many ways either on the wall or on shelves. You can also use them as trinket dishes and trays. I did a Google search to find ideas on how to decorate with plates and how to use plates in your decor. Here is what I found.

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