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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Digital Scrapbook Pages Of My Dad When He Was Young!

My digital scrapbook pages of my Dad when he was young!

Here is Dad as a baby in 1937. He could stand alone as long as he held something even if it was just a flower or a cotton plant.

Here is my Dad on his tricycle on the back driveway to their farm in Stanly County, NC where he grew up.

My Dad's school picture in 1945.

Dad and his goat at their farm.

Daddy and his bigger tricycle.

Southern Colloquilisms

I began to think of all the sayings that my family and I have used over the years that would be considered Southern sayings or Southern phrases. Everybody knows we say, "ya'll". But there are a lot more Southern colloquilisms than you realize. I just came up with a few but there are even more. Here is my 2 page digital scrapbook pages of Southern terms.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen II

Last week I pulled everything out of my kitchen cabinets, wiped them out, re-organized and container-ized. That took 2 days last week. Yesterday I worked again on my kitchen. I got all the doodads washed, cleaned the windows, washed the walls with a little degreaser and water and scrubbed the upholstery. BTW, I use semi-gloss and gloss paint so that I can wash down the walls every year. Flat paint just isn't going to wash so I think you end up painting more often. Flat paint really grabs dust and grime and doesn't wash well.

Well, today I finished!

Using Murphy's Oil Soap and water, I washed down all the cabinets.

Then I used a little degreaser in water to wash all the baseboards, doors and trim. I also got the pantry hall and laundry room done!

The upholstered pieces are still damp so I have put a fan on them. Once they are dry I will spray them with Scotchguard.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen

Last week I posted that I had cleaned out the inside of all my kitchen cabinets. This week I'm working on finishing spring cleaning the kitchen. Today I cleaned the windows and washed the curtains and washed all the doodads on the walls and washed the walls. Then I got Stan to take the upholstered pieces out on the front porch and I scrubbed them down and hosed them to rinse them. They will dry outside overnight and I'll put them back tomorrow. I used cleaner in a spray bottle and a soft bristle brush. I misted them down, sprayed the cleaner, scrubbed with the brush and then rinsed thoroughly. Once they are dry I will spray with Scotchguard and bring them back inside.

Tomorrow I will wash the wooden cabinets down with Murphy's Oil Soap. That should finish the kitchen.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Decorating With Baskets

Baskets can be a cheap way to decorate. Back in the 1970's I worked for a gift store that imported baskets from Thailand. So I had some nice baskets. I learned early how to decorate with them. Decorating with baskets is a great way to add some texture and to ground a room. They are easy to clean. Just use a soft brush, some Murphy's Oil soap and warm water in your bathtub. I did a Google image search and found some great ideas I thought I would pass on to you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Organizing Your Spring Cleaning

We live in Upstate SC so I can't do the biggest part of my Spring Cleaning until after the yellow pollen is over with. Otherwise, I've wasted my time. But I can begin to plan my Spring Cleaning!

Take a cup of coffee and a spiral notebook somewhere quiet and begin making lists for your Spring Cleaning. I have made lists for each part of the house to remind me and you are welcome to use my lists. Other people have lists on the Internet so do a Google search and check out their lists. This is the Research & Development and Brainstorming part of this job.

What are the things you want to do in each room? Do you have closets or cabinets in the room that need cleaning, organizing, purging or painting? Are there things you need to repair? Are there things you want to purchase to help you in each room such as new bedding for the bedrooms or new towels for the bathrooms or new drawer organizers for the kitchen? Begin making lists.

Also start scheduling and planning on your calendar for when you want to do the jobs and who you need to do them. For instance, schedule a Saturday for you and your husband to clean out the garage and schedule your children to spend an afternoon or weekend in helping you clean out their closets and rooms. Let them know ahead of time, put it on the calendar and remind them as it comes up. As the manager of your home, you have to learn to delegate and train your "employees" (your family). If they can't do something then plan to hire the help you need. You can hire teenagers from your church to do some stuff like pressure washing the patio and porch or washing down your walls. Or hire a business to clean the carpets and upholstery. Or hire your out-of-work cousin to clean the gutters. Etc.

Now that you've gotten some ideas there are 3 things to focus on:
1) Make a List For Each Room/Yard of things that have to be done during the Spring Cleaning and Repair.

2) Use your Calendar and Schedule.

3) Make a To Do List so that you have everything scheduled, planned and items purchased and lined up for the big days.

Here are the links to my lists:
Part I Closets

Part II Bathrooms

Part III Bedrooms

Part IV Dining Room

Part V Kitchen

Part VI Living Room

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