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Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Marble Countertops

Do you dream of yards of gleaming white marble countertops?

You might want to think again. I went to look at a house last week that was built in 1964 (49 yrs ago). For the time, it was very well and expensively built. It had 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. Most of the baths had white marble countertops. The countertops were still strong. No cracks, everything tight. But here is why I wouldn't want white marble countertops.... the staining and aging. They had aged with a yellowish and gray color and had stains that made them look ugly. And, from use, were no longer "shiny".

This was the half bath. I hope this picture I took shows you the staining and the dullness of the finish.

This was one of the two master bathrooms. That's right, there were two en suite bathrooms in the master bedroom suite with a total of 3 sinks, 2 commodes, 1 shower and 2 soaking bathtubs (one a whirlpool).

In one bathroom there was an "outer sink" and then an "inner sink". The outer sink was right as you walked in the door and across from it was a dressing room. The inner sink was in the bathroom proper. The outer sink had obviously not been used much as the marble was pristine. Here it is.

The inner sink was the heavily used one and I think it had been replaced probably in the 1980's. I could be wrong, but I think it odd that the two countertops didn't match and "almond" or "beige" was the popular color for everything from countertops to appliances in the '80's. Also ceramic countertops were big in the 1980's. But the undermount sink is not the usual 1980's look, it's more of a 1960's look so??? But if I'm right, that probably means the original white marble countertop had gotten stained enough that they wanted to replace it. Here is the inner sink.

Now compare to a new white marble countertop.

I just don't think it will stay that pretty and shiny like a granite countertop would. If you inherited a white marble countertop, do some research on how to care for it. But if you are building/remodeling be aware of the pitfalls of a white countertop and I, for sure, wouldn't advise a white marble sink.

Another thing about that house last week...did you notice the real brass faucets and handles? Not brass plated like you get now but the real deal. It doesn't look like much but how many of today's faucets will still be going strong in 50 yrs? I don't know if they would polish up, but even if they did, cleaning them would dull the finish again. I prefer the look of shiny chrome but if I bought that house, I don't know if I would go to the trouble or expense of changing what's working and will probably work for another 50 yrs!

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