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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Elaine and I married brothers, two sisters married two brothers. Stan and I didn't have children. But my sisters' children are like our own. Jenny is married to Kyle. He's in the Air Force and is a recruiter up in a small town in Illinois. They have 2 sons, Brett and Ryan. Jenny is Elaine and Ronnie's eldest child. Their second child is Luke who is married to Hannah. They have an adorable girl named Savannah and another one on the way. The weekend after Thanksgiving we decorated our houses for Christmas. Elaine, Ronnie, Luke, Hannah and Savannah drove to Waynesville, NC to get their real Christmas trees. It was a full day of fun.

Our Christmas really started this year when Jenny brought their two sons down for a week in December. Kyle couldn't make the trip but Jenny came and we were so glad. Elaine had really decorated her house for the boys. I've already posted all the photos from that trip but there were a few that I'm going to repeat because it was part of our Christmas.

Brett loves to play with little cars (Cars is his favorite movie.) Elaine took these photos of all his little cars parked around the little Christmas scene.

Ryan with his reindeer hat on.

Our youngest sister, Melinda, and her family and our parents live on the farm. Her son, Lee, is like one of our own children too. Melinda took us all riding in her 2 wheel cart with her hackney pony. Lee helped her get it all ready. She put bells on and antlers on the horse to make it festive. Brett loved it.

Little Savannah could pick out the baby Jesus in any nativity scene!

What a smile!

Ryan with one of the presents his Great Aunt Kathi gave him. I love the look on his face!

Brett and Ryan with their cousin, Logan.

My house decorated for Christmas.

While they were here I took Jenny, my Mother, and the boys to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC to see the Gingerbread house competition and their holiday decorations.

The winning entry.

My personal favorite, "when all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse."

We sent them some Christmas gifts in the mail. Here is Brett wearing the footed pajamas I sent him and holding up his "Cars" stocking. I sent Ryan some footed pajamas too. I also sent Brett another outfit which is what is lying on the floor.

Jenny Facebooked us with their Christmas Eve plans. I think they had something with Kyle's family (who live in the same town they do). I know she bought some "ugly Christmas sweaters" at the Goodwill to wear to it. It's the fashion now to buy these cheesy sweaters and wear them.

She and Brett set out Christmas cookies for Santa. She left a "Santa" boot print on the floor. She and Kyle put the gifts out and she put up stockings on their stair banister.

She also called us and we passed the telephone around at the Harris Christmas Even get together. She misses our family parties and we sure  miss them.

Every year we meet at my mother-in-law's house. Stan's mother, Peggy, was real sick with that flu that's going around and had been in the hospital several days with some heart blockage and then the flu. We weren't sure it would be at her house this year but her daughter, Angie, who lives with her took over and was the hostess. We always eat, then Stan reads the Christmas story, we serve each other Communion and pray for each other, open gifts and visit. This year we cut down the Christmas gifts to just Peggy and little Savannah and Logan, the youngest of the 1st cousins.

We played Christmas Bingo and Elaine won!

On Christmas morning, Stan and I hosted my family's Christmas brunch. The first present Savannah opened was one from her Great Great Aunt Janis and Great Great Uncle Glenn. It was a box with little high heels, necklace, tiara and pocketbook. She loved it and clacked around the house in her high heels holding her little pocket book like she knew what she was doing!

Luke had just told his little girl how pretty she looked! A girl always needs her Daddy's approval.

I had bought a large REAL rocking horse at a yard sale back in the Spring. I figured it would be perfect for Savannah by Christmas and I was right! She loved it and we couldn't hardly get her off of it. She was riding and bouncing and crying "Yee Haw!" and "Giddy Up." It was just so cute.

Jenny called Christmas morning too to say hello to all of my side of the family. Here is Savannah saying "Merry Christmas" to Jenny, Brett and Ryan.

She Facebooked some photos of the boy's Christmas morning.

Hannah Facebooked some photos of Savannah's Christmas toys.

That was our Christmas!

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