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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Saving On Paper

I have learned over the last year that I don't necessarily have to save all my data in hard copy form. I don't have to have paper files of all my sources. This saves me money on printing costs and saves me from having file cabinets and binders full of paper.

I used to make copies of things to mail genealogy contacts. For instance, the Rees Genealogy newsletters came out in the late 1970's and early 1980's. My mother subscribed to them and I have her old copies. They are hard to find and the original people who put them together are probably sick and tired of having to answer questions, much less, making copies for everyone. But I scanned mine in and can share info via emails or on my blog.

Now, if someone contacts me and asks me about a certain someone, I can direct them to a post on my blog or reply to their email with an attached file. Saves me time, money and typing.

I keep all my database files on my computer with 2 separate backups on external hard drives. When I finish or come to a stopping place on a line, I can publish it on my blog and/or Ancestry.com so that it's available to me and to others (who may have additional information). So I don't really need to print it out unless I want to publish a book (which I plan to do one day). If I have it on my blog, it's available for others so others who contact me, all I have to do is share the link. I don't have to re-type, copy and paste or anything. For an example of a blog post I did on someone check out SOPHIA BARNES.

As far as hard copies of sources. I can take my digital camera with me to the library, cemetery, church, etc. I take photos of gravestones, churches, home places, pages in books, or of the microfilm screen to get copies. You might want to make more than one photo just in case you get a bad picture. I don't have to print them out unless I want to. If you don't trust your camera for documents, you can pay for copies at the library but scan them in once you are home. Once it's in your computer, you can use software to add notes to it and save it digitally. When you learn how, use tags and captions to insure you don't forget where you took the photo or how it's pertinent to your line. Be sure to save in an organized way so you don't lose it in the mass of files you will accrue.

On this one I labelled it directly on the photo using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I pt the inscription, how they are linked to my line and where it is, even to GPS coordinates. I also use Picasa, Adobe or Windows Live Photo Gallery to add tags and captions (they don't show on your photo but are included in your photo file information and you can search and organize by the tags).

On this one I circled the pertinent data, as well as, added the source information at the top so I could locate it again if I needed to. Ancestry.com allows you to save photos of documents that you find on their website like this. You save it to your computer and then I use Adobe Photoshop Elements to add my notes.

In this case, I saved the photo with and without the name labels on there. Since it's a group and everyone is bunched together you really lose the effect of the picture with the labels. But I have one with the labels and one without the labels.

This one is labelled directly on the photo (it's in one corner and not messing up the content of the photo). I put the name of the church, GPS coordinates (I use Google maps for finding these), and the date I took the photo.

This was a home place that I labelled directly on the photo with who's house it was and where it is located.

For ideas on how to organize your computer so that your digital files are easily accessible, read my post on ELECTRONIC OR DIGITAL ORGANIZING.

So spend a little on technology, be organized (you have to be to be, to be a genealogist, can I get an AMEN?), and go digital. You will save tons on paper and copy expenses.

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