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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We always have Thanksgiving day with Stan's family and my family on Saturday after Thanksgiving. We met at Peggy's for a late lunch. I made my usual broccoli salad & a cheeseball. Stan made mulled cider. We had ham, turkey, dressing, gravy, Peggy's rice dish, macaroni and cheese, green beans, deviled eggs, sweet potato casserole, congealed salad. Katie made a great dip too. Luke brought banana pudding, Chelsea brought handmade sweet potato pie and apple pie. All 3 of the desserts were to die for. I could have eaten that whole sweet potato pie all by myself. We were so stuffed! The weather was beautiful and warm so, after lunch, we all went outside. We got some good family photos. Last year, in November, Evans had fallen 25' from a toppled scissor lift. He was seriously injured but he survived and he has thrived. He broke both ankles, his elbow, his sternum and some vertebrae in his neck and back. One ankle was so shattered they didn't know if they could put it back together. He went through 4-5 surgeries. But, thank God, he is alive and well today. He still suffers pain but he is able to function and we couldn't be more thankful. The accident brought his former fiance back into his life and they are engaged to be married in June, 2013! They are very happy together and that's what it's all about. Here is Evans and Chelsea.

Our great niece, Savannah, was in the cutest handmade outfit. She even came in wearing the cutest yellow glasses but they didn't stay on too long. Shes such a happy, healthy little girl. She's another reason we have to be grateful this Thanksgiving.

Kenny, Anna and their family: Evans and Chelsea, Aaron, Logan

Elaine and Ronnie and their family: Luke, Hannah, Savannah, (Jenny, Kyle and the boys couldn't come down for Thanksgiving but we hope they come before Christmas.)

Kyle took this picture of Jenny, Brett and Ryan on Thanksgiving.

Kathi and Eddie, Katie and Dustin

Stan and I

Peggy and her six children

Front row, Left to right: Stan, Angie, Peggy and Kathi
Back row, Left to right: Ronnie, Kenny, Donnie

Chelsea and Katie

Donnie and Kenny

Peggy and all the grandchildren that were there. We were missing Joshua, Jacob, Jenny, Kyle, Brett and Ryan

Back row, Left to right: Aaron, Evans, Dustin, Luke holding Savannah
Front row, Left to right: Logan, Chelsea, Peggy, Katie, Hannah

Everyone in the family

Dustin took the photo so he wasn't in it and we were missing Joshua, Jacob, Jenny, Kyle, Brett and Ryan.

Four generations: Peggy, her son, Ronnie, grandson, Luke, and great grandchild, Savannah.

Peggy with Angie and Donnie

Peggy read some scripture and Stan prayed before lunch.

Playing outside in the beautiful, warm weather.

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