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Contact me at Mom25dogs@gmail.com

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bedroom Refrigerator

Have you ever thought of having a bedroom refrigerator? For my Master Bedroom I purchased a small fridge at a yard sale for $25. It works great, looks good, just needed cleaning. I keep it on a low setting so it doesn't make much ice. But I keep my medicine and vitamins in it. According to Oprah, to keep your makeup free of germs, keep liquid makeup products in the refrigerator. You could also keep a couple of drinks in the fridge for those nights you wake up and need a cool drink. You can keep your sleep mask or gel mask in the fridge to keep them cold. I put mine on a chest of drawers and it fit perfectly. I did put a doggy pee pad underneath it. This is a flat pad with cotton on one side and plastic on the bottom side. It's suppose to soak up doggy pee when they stand on it to urinate. It works great and all 5 of my dogs use them. Anyway, I put it under the fridge just in case something spills or leaks it wouldn't ruin the chest of drawers or floor.

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