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Monday, October 15, 2012

Western Decor

What makes up "Western" decor? When you think of the Wild West, all kinds of images come to mind.

Leather, fringe, beading, silver and turquoise,

furs, wohides, cow horns, sand, striated mountains,


American Indians,

American Cowboys, scrub,

desert landscapes, majestic mountains, teepees, covered wagons,

pioneer families, stage coaches, buffalo,

horses, hunting, cattle drives, cowboy boots,

saddles, cowboy hats, guns, blue jeans, spurs, etc.

Most of these images are based on realities. Cowboys did go on cattle drives.

They wore cowboy boots made to slip easily in and out of stirrups. The heels were made to hang in the stirrups, the spurs to prod horses. Blue jeans were developed specifically with cowboys and gold miners in mind. They needed a tough fabric that lasted through extremes and the intent was to make a trouser that lasted a long time despite their tough jobs. Western Native Americans did use leather, animal hides, beading and western turquoise.

Pioneer families did come out West in covered wagons filled with their tools of survival and household goods. Homesteaders came for land. Cattle ranches did exist. The landscape often inspired the art in Native American rugs, jewelry, clothing, pottery and artwork.

Life was rough and tough in the aptly named, Wild West. Today, life isn't so hard but when we think of decorating our homes in a western style, we use those things that come to mind from those old days. I did a Google image search on decorating in a Western style and found some great photos to inspire you if you want to decorate with the American West!

I looked for images that ranged from a full themed Western to just one or two key Western pieces. I looked for Native American decor, Western home decor, Southwestern decor, Cowboys and Indians decor, and any other combination I could think of. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to find rooms decorated in Western themes. There are plenty of Western decorating items but finding rooms that are well decorated was more difficult. I saw some gorgeous pieces of furniture but they weren't in rooms. Cow hides seem to be a real fashion right now. Whether cowhide pillows to furniture upholstered in the fur cowhide and cowhide rugs. I really like this trend. I've seen some purses in cowhide around my own home town and I loved them but they were very pricey.

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