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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

May My Mark Be True

The older I get, the more I realize how important memories are made as children. It seems that everything leaves an impression for good or bad. Little things like the sound of the screen door slapping closed in the summer time (before there was air conditioning), a certain smell that brings back a memory, the taste of summertime tomato sandwiches. And then there are the people who are involved in your life that make big impressions. I was blessed to have a family that was very loving, supportive and caring. My parents, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts and great uncles, etc. all made lasting impressions that come back to me. I was raised in a Christian home and was in church every Sunday until I got to be about 8 yrs old. It wasn't as constant after that but all those memories of Bible stories, hymns, the smell and feel of the church sanctuary and the basement Sunday School rooms, the nursery and toys... all those are imprinted on my mind. It is so important to give your children a good bedrock of loving memories because they will carry them all of their lives. You may think that a baby doesn't remember something but you would be wrong. They will carry those baby memories deep in their subconscious. As an adult they may not remember why they love the smell of an orange or why they are afraid of thunderstorms but a good bit of those things are from subconscious memories. As much as it's within your power to do so, leave children with good memories. Enough happens in life that we have no control over and we cannot help those things and how they affect our children. But there are so many other ways we do have control over what they remember. Be careful of arguing in front of the children, of showing disrespect of others in front of your children, especially your spouse and other family members. Be careful of how you speak to them, not in yells and curse words but in kind words and a gentle tone. Be careful to provide them with a safe, clean and loving home not one full of chaos, filth and loneliness. And be sure to take your children to a good church so they have those experiences in their hearts. One day they will be mature enough to make their own decisions about God but it never hurts to sow the seeds early and pray that they take root and give your child a desire to know God. I remember when I re-dedicated my life (as a teen) it was like coming home. I knew enough about church, hymns, services, Sunday School, etc. to where it wasn't foreign to me. It was second nature.

Anyway, I wanted to do this digital scrapbook page of my wish for our new great nephew, Ryan. I pray that I will get a chance to make a mark in his life and that my mark will be true.

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