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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds can be a good way to use space. Whether the bunkbeds are builtin or freestanding, it's a way to use vertical space. If you need to get more than one child, teen, or adult in a room, bunk beds are worth thinking about. You can use a bunkbed in children's rooms but a bunk bed can also be used in a dorm room, an attic room, a small apartment, a city high rise, a ski lodge bedroom, a beach house bunk room, a lake house bedroom, a hunting lodge bunkroom, a mountain lodge or a dude ranch bunk house.

I did a Google image search for bunk beds and found a lot of wonderful bunk beds. I tried to pick out a good sampling of the bunk beds, both built in bunkbeds and free standing bunkbeds. I tried to choose all kinds of different styles, ideas and price ranges. I hope you enjoy and get some ideas. I tried to pick beds that were easier to climb into and easier to change the sheets on.

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