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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen

Last week I posted that I had cleaned out the inside of all my kitchen cabinets. This week I'm working on finishing spring cleaning the kitchen. Today I cleaned the windows and washed the curtains and washed all the doodads on the walls and washed the walls. Then I got Stan to take the upholstered pieces out on the front porch and I scrubbed them down and hosed them to rinse them. They will dry outside overnight and I'll put them back tomorrow. I used cleaner in a spray bottle and a soft bristle brush. I misted them down, sprayed the cleaner, scrubbed with the brush and then rinsed thoroughly. Once they are dry I will spray with Scotchguard and bring them back inside.

Tomorrow I will wash the wooden cabinets down with Murphy's Oil Soap. That should finish the kitchen.

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