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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen II

Last week I pulled everything out of my kitchen cabinets, wiped them out, re-organized and container-ized. That took 2 days last week. Yesterday I worked again on my kitchen. I got all the doodads washed, cleaned the windows, washed the walls with a little degreaser and water and scrubbed the upholstery. BTW, I use semi-gloss and gloss paint so that I can wash down the walls every year. Flat paint just isn't going to wash so I think you end up painting more often. Flat paint really grabs dust and grime and doesn't wash well.

Well, today I finished!

Using Murphy's Oil Soap and water, I washed down all the cabinets.

Then I used a little degreaser in water to wash all the baseboards, doors and trim. I also got the pantry hall and laundry room done!

The upholstered pieces are still damp so I have put a fan on them. Once they are dry I will spray them with Scotchguard.

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