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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recycling Altoid Tins

If you like Altoids, then you know about their tin containers. These mint tins are very hand and can be reused and recycled. I searched the Internet for ideas on how people have used the Altoid tins.

A mini first aid kit

A mini makeup kit

Use for making mini candles

Cover with fancy paper or fabric and use as a gift box

To hold small pieces of paper and a few crayons to occupy the kids at a restaurant or on a car trip.

A multi use and small repair kit

A mini survival kit

A fold out photo album

Small fishing tackle box

A small space organizing center

Buy a miniature pack of cards and add some magnets and use as a game box for your kids.

A contact lense kit


Unknown said...

Great that you posted all these together for us all Love it Many thanks Hugs Vee xx

Unknown said...

Thank you, really cool ideas

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