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Monday, February 06, 2012

How I Clean My Coffeemaker

I don't claim to have approved methods of cleaning your coffeemaker. I haven't followed any prescribed method from a coffeemaker company. All I can say is this is how I clean mine.

I start with a degreaser with my sponge. Dollar Tree has a good one for $1 a bottle. I wipe down the outside of the coffeemaker thoroughly. Rinse the sponge and wipe down a couple more times.

I use a small bottle brush and the degreaser to scrub the screen where you put the water in.

I use the spring stick that comes with the Bunn coffeemaker. You unscrew the water disperser from where the water comes out.

You push the rod up into it to ream it out. My trick is to hold the spring stick on the end. If you hold it in the middle it won't push all the way in.

Use the mini bottle brush to scrub the water disperser.

Now I wash the coffee carafe and the coffee basket.

I run one carafe of plain water through.

Then I fill the carafe 4/5 full of water and add bleach the rest of the way. Pour it through but don't close the Bunn lid. This allows the bleach water to sit in the first water bladder to kill any mildew. Let it sit about 3 mins or more.

Now put the carafe in place and close the Bunn lid so the bleach water moves on into the 2nd water bladder. Let it sit at least 3 mins to kill mildew.

Now run 2 carafes of plain water through.

Next I fill the carafe 3/4 of the way with water and add plain white vinegar to finish filling it up. Then I pour it into the coffeemaker but keep the Bunn lid up so the vinegar water will sit in the first water bladder for 3 mins or more.

Close the Bunn lid to move the vinegar water into the 2nd water bladder. Let it sit there 3 mins or more.

Now you are ready to start flushing with plain water. I run 5-6 carafes of plain water through. Make sure there is no more vinegar or bleach smell coming from the water as it comes out.

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