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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Using Attic Spaces

Attic spaces are often forgotten in homes. If you have head height in your attic, then you may can use that space for something other than mass storage. A smart builder will include walk up stairs to an attic instead of the pulldown ladders. This makes the attic a usable space. Our current house has walkup stairs and I love it! The only part that is head height is the center which limits our use for anything but storage. But, Stan has talked about it since we moved in. I always thought it would make a great library. I did a Google search and found others have great ideas for attics too so I'm doing a post on how to decorate your attic, how to use your attic, how to build your attic in. I tried to pick pictures that would incorporate all sizes, styles and usages. Look specifically for storage solutions in each of these photos and how they use the nooks and crannies for extra storage. Hope you enjoy, and thanks to all those who post their photos for the rest of us to enjoy!

Some people have room for bathrooms in their attic which makes the space perfect for extra bedrooms.

If you use your attic for something other than bedrooms, then consider putting in just a powder room like this.

Using the attic for extra bedrooms is a great idea. I found some made into dorm type bedrooms. Really cool!

I love the porthole between beds!

Here are some other ways to use your attic!
Use the attic for a children's playroom.

Use your attic for a home office, craft room or a library.

Use your attic as a sitting room, game room, media room or reading room.

Every attic needs storage, especially if you use it for a bedroom. Here are some storage ideas.

If you add a kitchen and exterior entrance, you have an apartment. This can be used for extra income, for a teenager or young adult, an in-law suite, caregiver's apartment, etc.

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