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Monday, June 13, 2011

Horse or Cow?

My niece told a story on Facebook about her son. He argued with her about whether a cow was a horse. It was just too cute. So I scrapbooked the Facebook message!

Baby Nursery Ideas

I looked for baby nursery ideas on a Google search. Baby rooms range from small to large so I tried to pick out a wide range. I was looking for baby rooms that are normal and those that were unusual. I was also looking for ways young mothers organized their baby rooms and baby closets. A lot of young mothers get more than they need in clothes and accessories. A closet full of infant clothes is a little ridiculous. They can't wear all that stuff before they grow out of it. But it's all so cute that you can't let it go. It would make sense to return some of that stuff and use the credit to purchase more practical things. But, meanwhile, trying to organize some of the overflow is an interesting problem.

One idea that I really liked is using old wardrobes, armoires, china cabinets or entertainment centers as baby closets or chest of drawers. Another idea is using old entertainment centers for doll houses and play kitchen centers. Just some modifications and paint and they can be used. When I go to thrift stores I see people have donated their old entertainment centers so you can get them cheap.

Old chest of drawers can be used to organize baby clothes too. You can use dividers.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Organizing Your Gift Wrap

There are always rolls of gift wrap, pieces of tissue paper, gift boxes and bags especially if you have kids that are invited to every birthday party! Depending on your space and your needs, it's good to have things organized. I did a Google search and found some great ideas for organizing your gift wrapping supplies. If you have the space you can create a gift wrapping station. I tried to find photos of all different ways to organize gift bags, gift boxes, rolls and ribbons. I appreciate all those who have shared their wonderful ideas with the public!

I liked this idea of creating a double use coffee table. Taking an old trunk and making it into a coffee table that holds all their gift wrapping supplies.

Here is a great homemade idea!

Cool idea of using pvc pipe for holding rolls of wrapping paper!

Using curtain rods and a wooden frame!

Notice the cup hooks and dowels!

You can purchase gift wrap organizers.

Re-using an old entertainment center. With today's flat screen TVs people are getting rid of those huge cabinets called entertainment centers. But this is a great way to recycle an entertainment center. Use it for a gift wrapping center.

For those simple and small needs, this is pretty smart!

Re-use a little bookshelf. Use a router to add some grooves and use plastic baskets for drawers. Notice the back of the bookshelf, it has a bin for the rolls of gift wrap.

Under bed storage

How about using unused pizza boxes to hold your gift wrapping supplies.

A simple divider box on a closet shelf holds what you need.

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