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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Savannah's First Easter

This was Savannah's First Easter so I did this digital scrapbook page about her first Easter.

Elaine And Her Granddaughter, Savannah

Grandmother and Granddaughter made for a cute digital scrapbook page. Elaine has the kids calling her Grommie and Ronnie is Pickles!

Savannah And Her Bottle

Hannah is feeding Savannah her bottle so I did this homey digital scrapbook page for her.

Savannah's Toes!

Hannah painted baby Savannah's little toenails and this is the digital scrapbook page that I did of her painted toenails!

Katie's Wedding Scrapbook Pages

One of our nieces, Katie, got married last weekend. These are the digital scrapbook pages that I made of her wedding and reception. All of these photos are the photos that I took.

The Mother of the Bride scrapbook page

Father of the Bride scrapbook page

Wedding reception room scrapbook page

The dancing at the wedding scrapbook page

Grandma and her Grandson, Aaron, are shagging at the wedding.

The Wedding Cake scrapbook page

The wedding flowers scrapbook page

The wedding food scrapbook page

The newspaper wedding announcement scrapbook page

The Wedding Invitation scrapbook page

The family

After the wedding, their Facebook status changed, here is their Facebook status change scrapbook page!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Our Niece's Wedding, Katie and Dustin

Our niece, Katie Mumpower, got married yesterday to a wonderful young man named Dustin Henderson. They've been planning the wedding for a year and it was worth the wait. Very sweet wedding service and fun reception at Furman University. Here are the photos I took.

A Memory Table - to honor Katie's Grandfather, Billy Harris, and her Great Aunt Wilma Robertson. Also to honor Dustin's late Grandmother.

Her colors were guava and green.

Candy Bar

Fruit and Vegetable Bar

Cheese Bar

The wedding cake was beautiful!

The new couple, Katie and Dustin Henderson.


Elaine and Ronnie

Kenny and Anna

Ronnie and Kenny are brothers and look a lot alike but they aren't twins. When we showed this picture to Brett and asked him which one was his Granddaddy Pickles (Ronnie), he pointed to Kenny.


Peggy and her friend, Bill Cubit.

First Dance

Elaine and her grandson, Brett

Eddie welcomes the guests and gives the Father's speech.

Jenny and her son, Brett.

"Come on, Brett, put your tie on." - Jenny

Angie looked beautiful in her purple.

Evans, oldest son of Kenny and Anna

Bridesmaid bouquet

Ronnie is holding his grandson, Brett, while Logan (Kenny and Anna's youngest son) tries to get Brett's attention.

Kyle with his son, Brett.

Eddie came over to say hello.

Hannah and Luke looked so great together!

The Mother of the Bride, Kathi, in her pretty dress!

Logan helped a lot with little Brett.

Aaron is Kenny and Anna's middle son.


Donnie with his ex-wife, Tina, and Peggy, his mother.

Donnie, his mother, Peggy, and his ex-wife, Tina.

It's toasting time!

The Maid of Honor gave her toast.

The Best Man (Dustin's brother) gave his toast.

Jacob is Donnie's son.

Father/Daughter dance.

Mother/Son dance.

Jenny and Kyle

Mother/Daughter, Elaine/Jenny


Peggy's Grandson, Aaron, gave her a twirl on the dance floor.

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