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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garage Ideas

For organizing your garage, I found some organizing solutions by doing a Google search. I loved the ideas!

Hear is an organizing idea for a golf enthusiast!

A good use of Altoid tins.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

More Summer Home Decorating

If you want to decorate for summer, try some of these summer decor ideas! I found them doing a Google search. Such great ideas! The key is to choose something that you associate with summer and keep it light. And remember, you can almost get away with any decor as long as it's kept clean.

Think of ways to use these summer ideas:
Gardens and gardening tools, watering cans, gardening hand tools, rubber boots filled with flowers, etc.

Anything beach! Sand, sea shells, vintage beach buckets, straw beach hats and beach bags, beach towels, boat models, ship models, oars, floats, children's inner tubes, sand castles.

Anything lake! Adirondack, picnic baskets, vintage fishing equipment like rods and reels, creels.

Vintage postcards of summer fun. There are lakes, beaches, ships, parks, mountain scenes on old postcards.

Stacks of vintage adventure books

Because of Memorial Day and Fourth of July, you may want to consider patriotic decor. Red, White and Blue!

Use outdoor furniture indoors! Patio furniture can be used inside. Think of porch furniture, swings, miniature fountains, wrought iron table and chairs, etc.

Anyway, here are some of the ideas I found.

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