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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Charlotte Auto Fair 2011

Stan and I went to the Charlotte Auto Fair of 2011 this year in Charlotte, NC at the Lowe's Motor Speedway. We had a great time at the Charlotte Car Show and I got a lot of photos. Let me give you some hints if you ever go to this annual event:
* Slather on the sunscreen. I forgot and got a severe sunburn (complicated with sun poisoning).
* Dress in layers. The 3 times I've been it was always pretty cool in the morning but approaching lunch it starts getting real hot.
* Take a wide brim hat, sunglasses.
* Just walking from parking into the speedway is quite a walk and that's not counting going around the track looking at the collectible cars or the 2 flea markets (one inside the speedway and another one outside the speedway). Wear comfortable shoes. I saw a lot of people tooling around on electric wheelchairs. All ages, handicapped and not. It looked like the way to go. We made the round and saw all the collectible cars but we were way too tired to do the flea market area. I wore my best shoes and my back and legs were still aching. Also a lot of men were pulling wagons to hold their purchases and food/drink. So an electric wheelchair first, a wagon second choice.
* There is no where to sit inside. Nada, zip. If you take a wagon then you have the wagon to sit on or you could take a folding chair. But with so much walking and no place to rest, this was very uncomfortable.
* Bathrooms were far between. I saw many port-a-potties but a lot of them were padlocked (?????). Take note of bathrooms as you go along.
* The food wasn't all that good and very expensive so if you can take a picnic, do.
* Take your camera.

Here are my photos:

The Buick Roadmaster station wagon that I always wanted.

This was my 2nd favorite car at the show.

My first and foremost favorite at the Charlotte car show. I've always loved this car!

A car called the U.S.S. Enterprise in honor of Star Trek.

Here are all the "modern" equipment: builtin mouse in console, computer, keyboard could be attached, etc.

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