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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving My Bedroom

In our home, I've had the Master Bedroom Suite. It's a nice sized room and the bathroom and closets were good. I needed the larger room because of the dogs and Stan has the smaller bedroom and the other bath. On the opposite side of the house is the Great Room with our 2nd kitchen, a guest bedroom, a small full bath and an alcove. There are 5 closets in this guest suite.
Well, Stan and I got to talking and we decided it would make more sense for me to move to the Guest Suite because it has more room and the kitchen. The bathroom is too small but I decided I would use it as a half bath and share Stan's bathroom for my showers. That way I only have to clean 1 full bath and 1 half bath instead of the 3 baths I'm cleaning now. Then there are the exterior doors. The guest suite has 3 exterior doors. Two are pairs of patio doors that overlook our side patio. The 3rd door opens onto the back patio in the fenced in backyard which will be very convenient for letting the dogs out.

I had a couple of reservations. One, I didn't want to be across the house from Stan. Two I worried about Spunky Monkey, our little handicapped Miniature Pinscher. He's blind and brain damaged and routine is essential to him. Having the same environment and routines help him survive without stress. Third I wasn't sure if I would like using a half bath and showering across the house. But the pros outweighed the cons so I decided to move. I can always move back if it doesn't work. And moving always gives you a chance to deep clean and purge and organize.

So, the day after Christmas, our nephew, Aaron, came over and helped us move. He and Stan did the heavy moving and I made the constant trips back and forth to move the little things. Poor Spunky was traumatized. All the dogs were totally confused and trembling throughout the day. But I stayed strong and kept going. On day 3 they are relaxed and Spunky is getting more used to the new environment.  It really helped that I was able to spend a lot of time with them.

I thoroughly exhausted myself and after 2 days I'm still recovering. Stan has done everything I asked him to do to make the suite mine. I made the Great Room/Kitchen into my bedroom. Here are the photos.

I used the guest bedroom for a dressing room.

Stan adding the closet doors. We never got around to putting up the closet doors so he did that today. He was very frustrated with that door!

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