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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our Christmas tradition has always been to spend Christmas Eve with Stan's family and Christmas Day with my family.

This Christmas Eve we have some nieces and nephews who are married and have to begin their own traditions including their new spouse's family. Jenny and her family are living in Illinois close to Kyle's family so we didn't get to see them at all this Christmas. That was very hard on all of us, including Jenny. But we do our best to include her, Kyle, and Brett by calling them during our party. Elaine videotaped and sent that to her. And she will get to see the photos here on my blog. One of our nephews, Jacob, didn't come at all. His brother, Joshua was there for a little while. Since they've grown up we rarely get to see them. Katie and her new husband, Dustin, came early and left early so they could go to his family's party too. Evans is dating Chelsea again (they were engaged for about 5 yrs and briefly broke up but they seem to be back together since his accident and I really give her kudos for being there to support him during this time in his life). They also left early to be with her family too. So our large family gathering is a little slimmed down but everyone tries to be there and they want to be there so that's special. It's not just a duty or a "have to".

You will notice our nephew, Evans, in his photos, is using a walker, wearing a cast and back brace. For more about his accident and how he's doing see my post at Evans Accident.

We would appreciate your continued prayers for him.

Kenny, Aaron, Logan

Stan is not drunk. He just can't keep his eyes open with the camera flash.

Aaron is living in Charleston while he attends The Citadel so when he's home, his little brother, Logan, doesn't leave his side. They are best buddies.

Dustin and Ronnie

Our niece, Katie, with her new husband, Dustin.

Grandma Peggy with her little gread granddaughter, Savannah.

Savannah in an old rocking chair that was Great Aunt Angie's when she was little.

Our nephew, Luke.

Ronnie with his granddaughter, Savannah. The children call him "Pickles".

Savannah makes a mess out of her dinner with her Grandmother, Elaine, helping her. The children call her "Grommie".

Great Uncle Stan helps the little princess stand.

Luke opens up his little girl's presents.

Luke with a picture of his Great Grandfather, Julian Rhett Prince, behind him.

My sister-in-laws, Anna (mother of Evans, Aaron and Logan) and Kathi (mother of Katie).

My brother-in-law, Eddie. He is Kathi's husband and Katie's father. He's an engineer so he was putting together Logan's remote control helicopter.

The children can't wait to open those presents!

Mommy Hannah helps her little girl open her gifts.

Luke with his mother, Elaine.

Luke and Savannah and Aunt Angie.

Ronnie was trying to hold back tears as he spoke to his daughter, Jenny, all the way in Illinois.

Luke was reading the Christmas story out of Grandma Peggy's Bible while little Savannah bugged him!

The little family!

On Christmas morning we gather with my family for brunch. This year we met at Mom and Dad's at the farm. Stan cooked breakfast and everyone brought something. We were all there except Jenny, Kyle and Brett.




I asked Dad to make me a "mug tree" for my Christmas present. I showed him some pictures and then he got his creative juices going. These are what he came up with. REAL mug TREES! He made one for all of us. I got 2 for my 2 kitchens and I love them!!! They work great!

Here is one of mine with my favorite mugs on it.


Great Uncle Stan with Savannah.

My Mom!

Our nephew, Lee!

Stan knows a woman that works in his company's headquarters in Canada who makes these wonderful sock monkey dolls. He asked her to make one for Savannah and one for Brett. We didn't get to see Brett open his since he lives in Illinois. But Savannah loved hers!


Mike looks sad but he wasn't.

Grommie and Savannah

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