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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Uses For Glass Jars

Glass jars are very useful. If things keep going like they are, we won't get food in glass jars any more. We used to get our mayonnaise in glass jars and now it's in plastic. We used to get our mustard in glass jars and now it's plastic. Baby food can still be found in glass jars but they are going to plastic too.

But glass jars are very handy and I did a Google search on the Internet to find photos of all the different uses for glass jars that there are out there. Old Mason jars, Ball jars, food glass jars are all useful. I use a small glass jar to store all my safety pins and I keep them right where I use safety pins. I use a glass jar as a piggy bank for all those pennies. I use glass Mason jars to hold dry goods in my pantry... things like beans, rice, etc. I used a large glass jar to hold buttons. Well, anyway, here are the photos I found! (Don't forget those nifty "Gifts in a Jar" ideas. Just do a Google search!)

They hold small collections. Maybe each jar can represent each vacation and you fill with little odds and ends that remind you of that vacation.

Use to make a portable sewing kit.

Gifts in a Jar

Make a nightlight using Christmas tree lights.

Now here are my jars! You can purchase new jar lids at Walmart. I got them in white plastic and blue and white plaid. Or I spray paint the tops.

These used relish jars are for spices. I washed off the labels and spray painted the lids and added labels. I tried to pick sizes that would hold the largest containers of spices that I buy.

These jars in my laundry room hold my Oxiclean and Color Catchers.

I used this yeast jar for safety pins that I keep in my closet.

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