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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Molly's Wedding Reception

Our niece, Jenny, is married to Kyle Hauser. Kyle is the middle child in 6 children of whom 5 of the 6 are married with families of their own. Kyle's parents and his siblings live in Illinois (except for the baby, Marc, who is stationed in the Air Force in Kuwait right now). When I went to visit Kyle, Jenny and Brett a couple of weeks ago, I got to meet Kyle's family. Ronnie, Peggy, Kathi and Angie also got to go and they met the Hausers. Kyle's youngest sister, Molly, had recently gotten married and her parents, Matt and Naomi Hauser, gave them a Wedding Reception that happened to be planned while we were in Illinois visiting. They kindly invited us which gave us a chance to see all the family and get to know them a little. The reception was very nice and the food was excellent. All of Kyle's family were kind and hospitable and it was very nice meeting them. I thought I would do some digital scrapbooking pages of the event not only because Kyle, Jenny and Brett were there but to thank them for their hospitality and kindness. Our little Jenny is way up there in the flat grasslands of corn country in a small town far, far away from her family and friends. But the Hausers have included her in their family and helped them so much. For that we are very thankful!
Here is the photo of all the siblings and their spouses (except, as I said earlier, poor Marc who is in Kuwait serving our country).

The colors in the photo were blue gray, black and red except for Kyle's green shirt. To indicate the formality of the party I used silver and diamond scatters. I used the red to pop and the black to center it. I used the green sequined flower and journaling block to pull in Kyle's green shirt.

This digital scrapbook page shows Molly and her new husband with their cake and her sister, Ashley, giving the toast to the new couple. The colors in the photos show her in a gray and black dress and the reception rooms wallpaper is a blue gray but the cake was beautiful with brown vines and orange leaves. so I struggled to choose colors in the layout that would reflect the gray, blue, black, brown and orange. I think it ended up looking pretty good.

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