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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Making Napkin Rings

I searched the Internet to find ideas on how to make napkin rings and I found some great ideas! People are so amazingly creative. Making napkin rings shouldn't be too hard.

To use toilet paper or paper towel rolls, check out how MerrimentDesign.com did it!

I found this neat recycling idea from RecycledCrafts.CraftGossip.com. You can recycle security envelopes that come with your bills.

Check out eHow.com for more ideas on crafting napkin rings.

Here are some other ideas I found to craft napkin rings!

Using navy beans, rice and cloves

Safety pins with beads

Braided pipecleaners with acorns

With these good ideas, now is a great time to get out your crafting supplies and make some napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table!

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