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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Organizing Your Keys

Most of us have a lot of keys. Some we've forgotten what they go to. Ask yourself why you have keys that you no longer need. Take some time to go thru your old keys. If you can't figure out what they are for, then put them to one side. You can store them in a jar or box for awhile but once you know you never need those keys, get rid of them!

There are different ways to identify your keys. You can purchase colored keys. I found, on the Internet, that there are a lot of different key caps you can buy. You can also have custom keys made with different designs. These are ways to differentiate between keys. Use one for your house key and another for your car key.

Check your key ring. Pull off any extraneous keys. If you don't use them everyday, take them off! I only keep my car key and house key on my keyring so I don't have to carry a big wad. My husband has to carry his work keys too. Make some decisions. You don't have to carry every key in the house on your key ring. If you need some, then carry them on a separate key ring and store in your car. Or have your work keys stored in a locked desk drawer. Just try to think outside the box so you aren't having to lug them all around with you.

At home there are ways to store your keys from key racks to key boxes.

I have a key box like this and this is how I keep our keys organized.

Key cabinets come in a variety of sizes.

This velcro board is a good idea.

To organize all those keys that are rarely used, be sure to label them. Label them specifically. Don't just put "house key" but label "House key - back patio door, 2011", "1995 Buick Pk Avenue key", "Key for mantle clock in living room, 2011", "Luggage key for blue Samsonite suitcase, 2011". It's important to label them thoroughly, even with a date. For instance, I had 3 Buick Pk Avenues over 10 years and if I had just labeled them "Buick Pk Ave" I wouldn't have known which Park Avenue the keys went to so I would need to put "2003 Park Ave", "2005 Park Ave", etc.

Key storage won't work if you don't label well and put the keys back where they belong. That's the key to organizing keys! You can use colorcoding and labels. For instance, all the green keys are house keys, all the blue keys are your husband's car keys and the pink keys are your car keys. Either purchase colored keys or use the colored caps or just use colored labels.

When you sell a house, be sure to give all the house keys to the new owners. When you sell a car, be sure to give them all the extra sets. That way you aren't keeping and storing keys that are useless to you.

When I accidentally lock my keys in the car, my husband knows right where to find the extra set. If I need that key for my luggage, I know right where to go. When I need the key for the outdoor storage shed, I know where it's at.

But, remember, label them well and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS put them back when you are through. My husband really struggles with this but he's learning.

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