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Friday, October 14, 2011

Household Binder

Over the years I've had several types of Household Books. I started with a blank book and some stick on tabs. Then I used a binder. Next I tried using Microsoft OneNote. Now I use Microsoft Excel.

What do I keep in my Household Notebook? We don't have children so yours will be different. In Excel I made a file called "Household" and then I have worksheet tabs for each section. Here are the sections I have:

Website Passwords
Bank Accounts
Credit Card List
Investment Statements
Medical Expenses
Utility Expenses
Home Repairs/Maintenance/Additions/Remodeling Expenses
Wireless Router settings
Network Settings
Kitchen Appliances
Light Bulbs
Homeowner's Associate
Book List

What info do I keep in these sections?

Website Passwords - website url, username, password, security question and answer, any other thing you need to keep up with on websites.

Bank Accounts - Bank, Address, Phone #, account #'s, routing #'s, Pins, username, password, security questions and answers, Card #'s

Credit Card List - Card Name, Address, telephone #, card #, CID # on the back, Exp date, credit limit, interest rate, username, password, security questions and answers

Insurance - Insurance company, address, telephone #, Policy #'s, broker, policy coverage

Vehicles - VIN #, Tag #, Where Purchased, Date of Purchase, Finance info, Telephone # of repair center, tire size, satellite radio information, OnStar information, etc.

401k - Address, telephone #, account #, percentages in each investment options, from statements I have a spreadsheet set up for keeping up with previous balance, contributions, earnings/losses, ending balance, share balance, share prices

Investment - Addresses of brokers, telephone #, account #, and a spreadsheet from the statements with previous balance, earnings/losses, share balance, share prices, buys/sells, ending balances

Medical Expenses - Date of service, provider of service, what it's for, charge, medical Ins claim #, claim date, deductible, amt not paid and reason, co-pay, amt ins paid, out-of-pocket expenses

Utility Expenses - A spreadsheet of each of our monthly utility expenses such as power, water/sewer, telephone, cable/internet, natural gas, garbage pickup

Home Repairs/Maintenance/Additions/Remodeling Expenses - Date of purchase, Supplier, amount of purchase, what it's for and some codes such as MAINT, ELECT (means maintenance of electrical things) or REMODEL,ELECT (electrical work done in a remodeling job). If I put down new floor covering I would use REMODEL, FLOOR. This is a way that I can sort and get totals on whatever. I like to know how much I spent on painting the outside of the house or how much we spent remodeling the kitchen. And, of course, if we sell the house I will have a list of expenses against any capital gains taxes.

Computers, Appliances, etc. - Model #'s, serial #'s, warranty information, repair telephone #'s, etc.

Clubs/Sunday School Class - Addresses of members, club info, website, Lesson plans, etc.

Dog's - Their names, breed, coloring, special marks, date of birth, breeder information or rescue information, microchip #'s, microchip telephone #, vet information, vaccination information

Book List - List of books that I want to read and that I order from the library.

As you can see there is so much information to keep up with in a household and you have your own stuff.

Some people need to have this in a physical notebook that can be taken on the road. I'm fine with mine on the computer. It's worked wonders for me. I make sure to keep it backed up as it's one of my most important files.

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