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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emergency Cabinet

There is an old cabinet that originally came from the plant that my father-in-law worked at (or so I'm told). My sister-in-law had it for a long time but she wanted to pass it on and we jumped on it. I put it in our wood panelled alcove. We use it to store our emergency supplies. These are things that we would want to pack to go if there was a natural disaster or something.

I'm trying to get everything in containers that would be easier to pick up and throw into the car. I've got most of it in containers but not all.

Here are the things I thought to put in our emergency supplies:

A change of clothes, underwear, shoes and socks
Flashlight and extra battery, headlamp and extra batteries
TV and radio and extra batteries
Canned vegetables, fruits, meats and soups, Jars of food like apple sauce and spaghetti sauce
Rice and instant grits (I'm a Southerner, what can I say?)
Can opener and matches
Paper goods - paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates, paper bowls, styrofoam cups, plastic utensils
A blanket
Cans of dog food for our dogs

If we have enough time, our plans would be to empty that cabinet, get our picnic cooler, the dogs and hit the road. If I have a little more time I would grab the laptop and external hard drives.

All this stuff is also stuff we would eat or use normally so once a year, I should cycle out and replace so that it doesn't get old.


AKA Jane Random said...

Don't forget the can opener!

Sharon said...

Thank you, Jane, I did put a can opener and boxes of matches into a ziploc plastic bag into one of the containers! But that would have been bad if you had canned food with no way to open them! LOL!

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