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Monday, October 17, 2011

Corner Cabinets Of All Kinds

Every house has a corner and corner cabinets can make good use of those corners. I searched the Internet for photos of corner cabinets to give you an idea of the options out there. Kitchen corner cabinets now have many options that make them useful. In the house we built back in the early 1980's you didn't have any options and those corner areas deep in the back of the cabinet were pretty much inaccessible without doing strange contortions. But now, cabinet makers have come up with great corner ideas and I have included some of them.

If you have an older kitchen without the modern corner options then this is a good idea.

My Aunt Ruth had an antique corner cabinet like this. I always loved it.

A lot of the older homes had these builtin corner cabinets in dining rooms. They ran from very simple ones to very ornate ones.

A cat bed or for the cat litter box.

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