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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sentimental Sunday - Where I was...

On 9/11/2001, we were living in Tryon, NC. My husband had left for work at his normal 6:30am so he was at work. I got up about 8:00am but didn't turn on the TV until I was dressed and breakfasted for the morning. I turned on my bedroom TV as I began to tidy up the room and watched in shock as the airplane hit the 2nd tower. I called my husband and everyone at his plant went to the break room to watch it on TV. I begged him to come home. For some reason, my reaction to disasters is to reach for him. But he wouldn't leave work. So we just kept in contact all day. I called all my family next. When the plane hit the Pentagon I thought, "This is it, WWIII has started!" Then I watched it on TV and prayed all day. It happened on our 24th wedding anniversary. Stan had made reservations at the nicest restaurant in town. I finally remembered it mid afternoon and called to cancel. They told me they were glad I had called because everyone else had cancelled and they were just going to be closed for the evening. I so appreciated President George W. Bush's calm steadiness during that time. He was tenderhearted but calm. He was determined but calm. Everyone, including me, wanted to make the Middle East a big hole. But he made some decisions and started the preparation and moved steadily towards moving us into that hell hole in order to conduct a war like has never before been fought before. When we fought Germany, we bombed Germany. Bombs landed where bombs landed and people died. Today, we have to target terrorists but no "innocent civilians". We are some how suppose to target just certain individuals who hide in schools and hospitals and behind the skirts of women and children. This kind of war has never been done before. And, yet, we have tried to stay within these parameters and fight this new kind of war. Anyway, Bush made the plans and preparations over the next year and a half before the war started in May, 2003. I really appreciated his calmness, his patience and steadiness. We didn't rush and go hysterically and willy nilly into a war. I learned how to pray during the news. Now I rarely watch the news without praying for people. A lot of the news stories represent hurting human beings who need God's help. So I learned this that day I prayed during the 9/11 attack. Where were you? What helped you through that day? What lasting effect did it have on your life?

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