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Monday, June 20, 2011

Elaine's Wedding

My sister, Elaine, married my husband's brother, Ronnie. Two sisters are married to two brothers. They were younger than we were so, even though they introduced us, we were married 2 years earlier. They waited for Elaine to graduate high school. Our Grandfather passed away in May but the family decided he still would have wanted her to get married as planned in June. Dad had also just lost his job with the city so money was tight for a wedding. They had a lot of help from Dad's sister, Aunt Ruth, and her daughters, Brenda and Barbara. They made the cake, arranged the flowers and Barbara played the piano. They had it on my Grandparent's private brick patio. We rolled Mom's piano to the balcony that overlooked the patio and Barbara played the piano and a friend, Brad, played his guitar. Elaine wore a sweet white swiss dotted gown. I was her Matron of Honor and Melinda was her Maid of Honor. Billy, Ronnie's father, was his Best Man. Due to the circumstances, the wedding was close family and a few friends. It was really a sweet wedding! I think Melinda took the photos that we have. Elaine and Ronnie just celebrated their 32nd anniversary so I scrapbooked their wedding photos for them.

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