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Monday, June 13, 2011

Baby Nursery Ideas

I looked for baby nursery ideas on a Google search. Baby rooms range from small to large so I tried to pick out a wide range. I was looking for baby rooms that are normal and those that were unusual. I was also looking for ways young mothers organized their baby rooms and baby closets. A lot of young mothers get more than they need in clothes and accessories. A closet full of infant clothes is a little ridiculous. They can't wear all that stuff before they grow out of it. But it's all so cute that you can't let it go. It would make sense to return some of that stuff and use the credit to purchase more practical things. But, meanwhile, trying to organize some of the overflow is an interesting problem.

One idea that I really liked is using old wardrobes, armoires, china cabinets or entertainment centers as baby closets or chest of drawers. Another idea is using old entertainment centers for doll houses and play kitchen centers. Just some modifications and paint and they can be used. When I go to thrift stores I see people have donated their old entertainment centers so you can get them cheap.

Old chest of drawers can be used to organize baby clothes too. You can use dividers.


Brenna said...

I found this via Pinterest. So many wonderful, beautiful ideas. Thank you!

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

I also found you through Pinterest. Thanks for all the great ideas.
Have a great day.
Tammy (Barefoot In blueJeans)
P.s. I was going to follow you but I didn't see a way to do it. Am I missing your follow me button? Visit me at bfinbluejeans.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

I love the pretty painted armoire! I pinned it on my neutral baby nursery board so more people would find your site.

If you would rather I didn't, just contact me via the addy posted on the footer of my website and I'll take it right down.

Unique Baby Nursery Themes

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing all this leg work and putting it in one spot. We are trying for baby #2 and I need ideas on how to organize a small room for two kiddos to share.

Kay Long said...

So many beautiful ideas! Thank you, for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So many great ideas!

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