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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Household Plastic

With the push to be more "green" I did a Google search on plastic wrap and bags with the idea of finding ways to store and re-use plastic. You can keep your plastic food bags and wraps organized. That way you aren't purchasing duplicates.

You can wash and dry plastic food bags. Some people use a small clothesline and clip the bags upside down. Or take some wooden skewers and a couple of small glasses to make your own dryer.

You can use wooden dowels to make your own dryer for the plastic baggies.

You can re-use plastic baggies or plastic grocery bags and household plastic containers. Here are some great ideas from imaginative people that I found on the Internet about new uses and re-uses of household plastic.

Twelve plastic food bags can be used as a quick filing system for monthly receipts. Hang this up at your staging area (as you go in and out of the door) and slip receipts in it as you come home.

For holding game and puzzle pieces.

Keeping makeup together. If you use certain makeups together then use a plastic baggie to keep them together. For instance, you use certain makeups for your blue outfits, then keep all blues together in a baggie.

A tip! When you freeze your food, freeze it flat and then stack them.

Freeze homemade baby food, herbs, concentrates, broths in old ice trays. Once they are frozen, toss them in plastic freezer bags for the freezer.

Grate all your cheese into a food baggie so that it's easily available when cooking or garnishing.

Place a cup hook near an appliance and put the manual, schematics, parts lists and leftover pieces in a plastic baggie and hang from the cup hook. That way it will always be handy.

Fill an empty bottle with water and place it in your commode tank to save water.

Use to make a mini green house.

Use to hold computer cables. Organize your cables and keep like ones together.

Use baggies to keep stuff together in your diaper bag, picnic basket, gym bag, purse.

Keep your leftover change in baggies.

Use baggies to hold nails, screws, nuts and bolts, picture hangers, etc.

Place your recipe in a baggie to protect it from spills splatters while cooking.

Using a clear plastic bottle to make an attractive vase.

Using a plastic DVD spindle package to hold a bagel sandwich.

Making a sprinkler with a plastic bottle and used plastic pens.

Using green plastic bottles, cut up and made into this neat mobile.

Using a plastic lid for a spoon rest.

Use plastic baggies to protect your iPad, tablets, and other electronics. This can protect it from spills and splatters while you snack, eat lunch or drink coffee as you read.

A device that allows you re-use plastic grocery bags for recycling.

Crochet plastic grocery bags into shopping bags and other things.

You can make your own food storage bags without having to purchase plastic bags to begin with. You can also purchase these bags. They have to be laundered so I don't know how much you really save but it's a thought.

One tip that of mine is to save the wax bags that our cereal comes in and use it for our sandwiches.

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