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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flower Arranging And Supplies

Do you like fresh flowers in your home? I do but I can't afford to buy fresh flowers every week. But I trim flowers off my bushes and flowers in the yard during the summer and keep a knot in little vases. I'll pick gardenias, daffodils, marigolds, zinnias, wild flowers, etc.

I have a collection of different sizes of vases. I particularly like vintage vases. I also have a small collection of frogs. Maybe you are like me and have never heard of a flower frog. These are metal, glass or pottery pieces that you put in the bottom of a vase and it holds flower stems secure and in place. Here are flower frogs:

There are other floral supplies that you keep if you arrange fresh or silk flowers such as styrofoam bricks, floral tape, scissors, wire cutters, floral wire, etc.

How do you keep all these things organized?

If you do a lot of floral arranging, then you might want a dedicated space for it. Here are some great examples:

If you can't afford a nice room dedicated to flower arranging, then you can set aside a closet or a cabinet.

Corral all your vases, frogs, floral supplies and store together so you can always find your supplies. You'll probably want several sizes of vases from small, stem, medium sized and large.

Here are some easy, simple and beautiful ideas for arrangements.

Flower vases and floral frogs can be used for other things besides flowers. Here are some ideas:
Use a vase to hold kitchen utensils, a smaller one for the smaller utensils

Use a vase for holding breadsticks or biscottis

Use a vase for holding salt for cooking

A vintage planter/vase by the kitchen sink can hold your sponges and scrubs

A large vase can hold your candles

A vase can hold straws

A vase can hold your sweetener packets

A vase can hold small collections such as marbles, buttons, Olympic pins,

Use a clear glass vase for candle holders

A vase would be a good holder of loose change

Vases in the bathroom can hold qtips, cotton balls, toothbrushes, etc.

A vase would hold office supplies like pens and pencils

Friday, October 29, 2010

Household Tips

Razor blade dullness stems more from oxidation and microscopic rusting, rather than actually shaving whiskers. Water that sits on blades between shaves causes the oxidation. Corrosion can cause metal on the blade to flake off and the edge to become blunted and jagged. By blotting your razor on a towel after use, you can extend the use of a blade. Or you can also rinse the razor, shake off excess water, dip it in alcohol, give it a good swirl, shake out and prop it in its holder.

Use jars for storage. You don't have to buy them. As you use items that come in glass jars, then recycle them by removing the labels and washing. You can use them to hold leftovers such as soup, beans, etc. They can hold office supplies. Baby food jars are great for holding paper clips, tacks, etc. Use one in the laundry or bedroom to hold your loose change. They will hold nails and screws. You can attach them to a shelf by screwing the lid to the bottom of a shelf. Then you screw the jar onto the lid so that it hangs from the bottom of a shelf. I use jars in my pantry for storing dry goods like beans, rice, popcorn.

Paper towel holders can also be used to hold spools of ribbon.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Organizing Tips

I think this is a good idea for your children's artwork and special schoolwork. Each child has a binder for each year. You can use pockets and page protectors and just slip those special things in. If the art is too big for a binder, then consider taking a photo of it and putting the photo in the notebook.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storing China, Crystal and Silver

I love dishes! I have sets of china for all the seasons in a year: Winter, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall and then some. I have crystal and silver too. I have 4 large china cabinets and a buffet in my dining room and they are all full. So I have plenty of display for my collection. But if you need to store china (vs. display) then you want to store it carefully.

If you stack china then put something between each piece so nothing gets scratched. I use coffee filters. You could also use paper plates, paper doilies, etc.

You can use special china storage containers like these that I found at Organize.com.

For silver you can store them in these silver cloth bags.

For more information about silver, silver storage and cleaning check out my post on Stainless and Silver Flatware.

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