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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Making Your Own Children's Books

I got a wonderful email from a reader of my blog and her question was how to make a family book for her small daughter:
"I wanted to make her a small booklet or something similar...even something like pictures on a keychain, that would be waterproof and somewhat durable for little hands to play with. I want to have pictures of every member of our family in it... Do you have any idea where I would find something of this nature?"

Thank you for reading my blog and for taking the time to ask this question. For those who are deeply into scrapbooking, we know about the chipboard books you can buy and then decorate as you want. You can find these at scrapbook stores or craft stores that have a good scrapbooking section. You can also do a Google search on "chipboard books" to find a place online to order from.

I actually did this for my grand nephew. His father is in the Air Force and got transferred way up to Illinois so our niece and grand nephew are about a 16 hour drive from us. It was very hard for us because we are a close family. I was afraid he would forget us and so I made him a family book. I took a few pictures of each of our family and did a book that included his grandparents to his great grandparents and all his aunts, uncles and cousins. So I can attest to these chipboard books. Unfortunately, I didn't take a photo of my book so I can't show it to you.

Chipboard is a stiff cardboard made from the same stuff that they make puzzle pieces with. So it's stiff enough for children to handle and play with. If you buy the kind that is held together with D rings or key rings, then you could laminate it. It wouldn't be completely waterproof but should last through sticky fingers.

If you laminate them you will need to keep it simple with no 3D embellishments. But photos, stickers, fun scrapbook papers should be slim enough to be laminated.

These chipboard books can be mini scrapbook albums but if you are creative, you could even make personalized children's books. For instance, if you want to teach your toddler to count you could take photos of things around your own house and then create a counting hard page book. So little Junior is learning to count with things he knows from around the house. For instance I have 5 dogs and I could use small photos of our 5 dogs for the number "5". Same with alphabet books. You can get real creative by making your own hardboard books. But remember they are being made for children who WON'T treat them like heirlooms. So don't overdo because they could be accidentally dropped in the bathtub, spit up on, or have things peeled off by little fingers. And don't put anything on it that could be choked on like buttons and little ribbons and such. It's pretty for us but don't tempt fate with children.

Another idea for my reader is a smaller regular photo album. You can buy one and fill with your photos. You can also have them made just like a picture book at most photo development places. You can order them online too where you can select your photos and arrange their placement and then order the book and it's very reasonable.

Or you can buy a regular photo album and place the photos in yourself. So it can be as simple or fancy as you like.

After placing family photos in the photo album then use it for bedtime stories. For instance one or two pages devoted to each family member so that when you turn to that place in the book it has all photos of brother (or other family member). This book would be used only under supervision and you could tell family stories with each photo. It's small enough to bring to the bed and for the child to handle (under supervision). For instance a photo of Grandpa and tell the story of Grandpa building his own tree house or a photo of Aunt Sue and tell the story of how Aunt Sue met Uncle Ben. This not only makes your child sleepy but gives them faces of the family and cements it with family stories. Soon they should be able to name the people in the album and even tell the stories. And I know you know different stories for each family member so it won't get boring.

I hope I've given you some ideas and thank you, again, for your kind comments and your question.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Glenn Jr. And His Daughters

Here is Glenn Jr. with his daughters, Caroline and Mary Lauren.

Emma And Rachel, Little Sisters

Two of Uncle Glenn's Granddaughters, Kathryn's daughters, Emma and Rachel.

Katie As Cinderella

Our niece, Katie, is the Cinderella in this fantasy scrapbook page.

Passing It On

Psalm 78:1-11
(1) (A special psalm by Asaph.) My friends, I beg you to listen as I teach.
(2) I will give instruction and explain the mystery of what happened long ago (I will utter dark sayings of old).
(3) These are things we learned from our ancestors,
(4) and we will tell them to the next generation. We won't keep secret the glorious deeds and the mighty miracles of the LORD.
(5) God gave his Law to Jacob's descendants, the people of Israel. And he told our ancestors to teach their children,
(6) so that each new generation would know his Law and tell it to the next.
(7) Then they would trust God and obey his teachings, without forgetting anything God had done.
(8) They would be different from their ancestors, who were stubborn, rebellious, and unfaithful to God.
(9) The warriors from Ephraim were armed with arrows, but they ran away when the battle began.
(10) They broke their agreement with God, and they turned their backs on his teaching.
(11) They forgot all he had done, even the mighty miracles...

The "dark sayings of old" is the speaker's way of beginning the discourse. It's a way of getting the attention of the audience, gain their focus. He is about to explain something very deep and it requires their thoughtful attention. He will be breaking down a deep spiritual mystery and helping them to study it and apply it to their lives but this requires their attentive participation. His action is to teach and explain, exhort and admonish. Their action is to listen carefully, think deeply and apply it to their lives. A teacher often uses allegories, parables, riddles, enigmas, posing perplexing questions to force the students to stretch their minds to encompass and learn the studied material. Jesus used these teaching aids too. In this Psalm, Asaph is the teacher and wants to recount the main historical points of the birth of the Israelite nation but he also wants them to see the spiritual truths behind the history.

Matthew 13:35
(Jesus speaking) That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

One of the Ten Commandments is: Honor thy Father and thy Mother so that thy days may be long upon the earth. A child can show his parents honor and respect by listening to them as they teach them. It takes a teaching heart to give and a listening heart to recieve.

The Israelite nation was suppose to teach their children about God, His Commandments and the story of their history. This commandment by God insured that the Israelite nation would forever remember all that God had done for them and give them no excuse for disobeying His Commandments. They were taught in their home by their parents and grandparents. This teaching was supplemented by their extended family, Jewish community, Synagogue and Rabbis but it is to the family that the responsibility begins. It didn't matter if the parents were educated or not, illiteracy does not preclude them from orally passing down the love of God, His Ways and His Story.

"Our great care must be to lodge our religion, that great deposit, pure and entire in the hands of those that succeed us." -Matthew Henry Commentary

Colossians 3:16
Let the message about Christ completely fill your lives, while you use all your wisdom to teach and instruct each other. With thankful hearts, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God.

Ephesians 6:1-4
(1) Children, you belong to the Lord, and you do the right thing when you obey your parents. The first commandment with a promise says,
(2) "Obey your father and your mother,
(3) and you will have a long and happy life."
(4) Parents, don't be hard on your children. Raise them properly. Teach them and instruct them about the Lord.

“Do not provoke your children to wrath." Though God has given you power, you must not abuse that power. You must use restraint and self control because you are the adult and they are the children. As the adult, you should use your power and authority to teach and train them from your experience, higher knowledge and understanding. You must use mercy and love but discipline is just as important.

As an adult with education, experience, maturity you cannot say to a baby, "STOP CRYING!" and expect that baby to understand what you mean. Their minds have not developed sufficiently to understand your command much less obey it. As they mature they will learn language skills and understand better. And yet a 2 year old Toddler may ask "How much longer?" but they cannot understand the concept of "15 more minutes". Their minds have not developed enough to understand the concept of time. A 10 year old child may think they can take a flying leap off the garage roof like Batman because their minds have not developed enough to comprehend the consequences. They cannot fly like Batman and the pain of a broken bone or paralysis is beyond their understanding. And so it is with a 14 year old. They may think they have arrived and aren't a child any more but as adults we know better. They can physically participate in sex but that doesn't mean that their minds are developed enough to understand the full consequences of their actions. They are not capable of seeing, with complete understanding, their future if they are sexually active. They basically have a problem anticipating their next Math test much less the rest of their lives with an STD or illegitimate child/single parenthood/financial problems. Making grown up choices that end with grown up consequences. And the parents are usually the ones who have to pick up the slack by taking on the responsibility of their child AND grandchild. So even if the teen thinks they are grown up and "not a kid any more", you, as the adult, know they aren't and it is up to you to try to protect, lead and guide them in the right way until they really are old enough to make adult decisions and live with their decisions. An adult takes on the responsibility for their lives and the lives of their family - physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally. (Please know that I understand when an adult has encountered extenuating circumstances that lead to having to rely on their parents or others such as disabilities, extended unemployment that is not their fault, deaths or illnesses within the family that lead to a circling of the wagons, etc. But as the norm...) And we should behave as an adult. We should be a good example for our children (or the young around us). We should teach our children tenderly but persistently. We should recognize them as the loves of our life but that doesn't mean we should spoil them but rather teach them to be self sufficient, responsible, dependable adults. If we want our children to be happy as adults, we should train them how to live in a way that will bring about the best chance at a good life. Teach them how to be the kind of people other people love to be around.

No one likes to be around a spoiled, whining brat especially when he is 35 yrs old.

No husband would stick around if his wife is a demanding, selfish bitch.

Junior will not have any friends if he is mean, snide, sarcastic, rude and self centered.

Your children will not love and care for you in your old age if you abuse them as children.

If you don't train them, who will?

Our society is sending our children the wrong kind of messages. Have you see all the T-shirts, bibs, wall plaques, coffee mugs, etc.? "Diva In The Making"; "You Say Diva Like It's A Bad Thing"; "I Am Not A Bitch, I Am The Bitch"; "It's All About Me, Me, Me, Get Over It"; "I'm Not Rude, You're Insignificant"; "Stud"; "Hard work has a future payoff, Laziness pays off now"; "Italian Stallion"; "Bros Before Hos"; "Cougar Bait"; "Avoid Hangovers, Stay Drunk"; "Did You Eat A Bowl Of Stupid For Breakfast?"; "Sink Puts, Screw Sluts"; Blah, blah, blah.

These might seem funny but it's the kind of messages our society is giving to our kids every chance they get! We have to counteract this stuff with the good teachings of God or our children are in trouble! What kind of life will they have if they are spoiled, selfish, mean spirited, bullies? A lonely, bitter life filled with anger and hurt! What kind of life will they have if they are forgiving, loving, tender, dependable, responsible? More than likely they will have loving family, good friends, respect in their career, a peaceful home. It's not a guarantee, but it sure ups the statistics!

In teaching our children the knowledge of God, we repay to our parents some of that debt we owe to them for teaching us. My parents raised us right, and we, in turn, tried to raise our nieces and nephews right (their parents did, but so did we as their uncle and aunt, and so did their grandparents). My Grandparents were Christians and steadfast in their church. My parents taught us about God and took us to church and exampled a loving Christian life in our home. We tried to do this with the next generation. Now that generation is having children (at this time we have little Brett and coming this winter is little Savannah) and we hope and pray that they too will raise their children right, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We need to pass down the great spiritual heritage that was passed to us from our forebears. But even if you didn't have a Christian family, it can start with you! You can be your great grandchildren's spiritual heritage!

What are we suppose to teach them? What do we pass down to them? It's a greater treasure than any amount of money. Parents always want to have something to pass down to their children. Most want to have money, a trust fund, something that will help their children so they don't have to work as hard. But a spiritual heritage is worth far more than rubies and diamonds, gold and silver, investments and mutual funds! A spiritual heritage is something that every parent can give whether they every have a dime to their name or not!

What is this great treasure? The knowledge of God is this great treasure. His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ which insures their eternity. His Commandments. His Word, His Story! The hymns and songs of praise. The knowledge of how to praise, worship and lovingly commune with God. The experiences of church and service. Teach them how to study the Bible and meditate on it for themselves. These are the things we need to pass on to our children.

So many children today don't know the difference between Moses and Noah! They don't know the books of the Bible. They have never memorized John 3:16, the Golden Rule, the 23rd Psalm. They don't know the Ten Commandments or the story of David and the Giant. We are talking college graduates who have never read a single chapter in the Bible, much less read the entire Bible. They've never been to church and don't know how to behave in church. They don't know the words to the Lord's Prayer or Amazing Grace. Those who think they are intellectuals and have spent vast sums of money on Ivy League educations but have never studied Christian tenets or doctrine and have no real idea of what our beliefs are. Recently we went to a church service and some of the people were obviously totally new to the experience. Their children ran down the aisles, talked out loud, couldn't sit still, showed no respect for the speaker. I could understand it from toddlers and pre-school children. Teaching young children how to behave is the job of the parents and this training takes place during a service. What was amazing to me is that their parents weren't trying to stop the children. These parents were just as ignorant as their children on proper behavior in a church setting. They didn't have a clue as to what is considered proper behavior. They didn't know the words to the songs or the flow of the service or what to do when someone is praying, etc. It really brought me up short to see ignorance in action. An adult who is so ignorant of what we consider basics in a church. We visited a street church with people who had basically been raised on the streets and knew no better. As experienced Christians we have to be understanding in that kind of situation, at least they are at church and trying to learn now. But it's very sad to see the lack in Christian teaching whether it is people raised in a godless street environment or those who are raised in godless nice homes and schools. They are simply never taught and have no experience. It's a glaring and shocking hole in their education.

As parents it is a great responsibility to teach our children about God. Even if we don't have children, we can teach and example to the younger generation. Stan and I don't have children but we always tried to help teach our nieces and nephews about God and His Ways. I taught Sunday School for children from 2 yrs old to junior high age for 20 years. Stan helped me many times. We aren't perfect but we have tried to be good examples and to show love and forgiveness and to be explicit when talking about salvation through Jesus Christ and Him alone. Now our nieces and nephews are adults and it's up to them to begin to teach the next generation. They were raised right, given a good education and were raised in church. Now the baton is passing to them and I hope and pray they continue with the spiritual heritage they were given and pass it down to their children.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Our Little Pumpkin... Rachel

Kathryn and Will's baby girl, Rachel, picks out a pumpkin in this scrapbook layout.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Gasaway Fowler and Elmira

Gasaway Fowler and Elmira had a daughter named
..Leila Fowler who married Abram Silas Kelly and they had a daughter named
....Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly who married William Cohen "Will" and they had a daughter named
.....Mabel Louise Cohen who married Clyde Harris and they had a son named
........William Clyde Harris "Billy" who married Peggy Annette Prince and they had

This surname is spelled as Fowler, Fawler, Fouler and Gasaway was spelled as Gasaway Fowler, Gassaway Fowler, Gazaway Fowler or Gazeway Fowler. He married either Elmira/Elvira/Eddora/Elinor Unknown. She is listed as a different given name in every source (see below) so I have no idea at this time what her real name was; what her maiden name was; or, who her family was. If you have any information on her, please see my contact information at the bottom of this post.

Gasaway Fowler was born about 1827 in South Carolina. Elmira was born about 1838 in South Carolina. They had 12 known children:

1) Mary S. Fowler (DOB: about 1855 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?.

2) Fannie L. Fowler (DOB: about 1857 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married Thomas Charles Hart aka Tom Hart (DOB: 8/1/1857 in SC; DOD: 9/25/1926 in Union County, SC)and they had: A) Edgar Hart (DOB: 12/25/1891 in Union County, SC; DOD: 8/13/1956 in Spartanburg County, SC B) Atavia Hart (DOB: 3/7/1893 in Union County, SC; DOD: 10/8/1912 in Union County, SC C) Claude Hart (DOB: 9/29/1883 in Union County, SC; DOD: 5/1965 in SC) married Lula Mae Unknown D) Gazaway Hart "Gazzie Hart" (DOB: 4/6/1887 in Union County, SC; DOD: 1/2/1955 in Union County, SC) married Nellie Unknown

3) William Thomas Fowler "Tom Fowler" (DOB: 10/1858 in SC; DOD: 9/17/1937 in Monarch, Union County, SC of "Cardiac") married Sarah Moore "Sallie Moore" (DOB: 6/1870 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) and they had 4 known children: A) Clyde Fowler (DOB: 9/10/1896 in Union County, SC; DOD: 8/31/1989 in Union County, SC) married Clara Unknown B) Jessie Fowler (DOB: 10/25/1897 in Union County, SC; DOD: 10/1986 in Union County, SC) married Wallace T. Alexander C) Rosa Mae Fowler (DOB: about 1908 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

4) Lettie J. Fowler (DOB: about 1860 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

5) Francis Fowler "Frank Fowler" (DOB: about 1862 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

6) Leila Fowler aka "Lila Fowler" (DOB: 8/1862 in Fairfield County, SC; DOD: 3/5/1927 in Union County, SC) married Abram Silas Kelly and they had 9 known children: A) William Abram Kelly "Willie Kelly" (DOB: 1/25/1882 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) B) Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly aka "Katherine Elizabeth Kelly" and "Kate Kelly" or "Katie Kelly" or "Catie Kelly" (DOB: 5/1/1884 in Union County, SC; DOD: 5/9/1981 in Union County, SC) married William Cohen "Will Cohen" C) John Kelly (DOB: 1/1886 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) D) James Joe Kelly "Jim Kelly" and "Jimmie Kelly" (DOB: 1/23/1890 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) E) Isma Kelly (DOB: 8/18/95 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ? Fowler F) Ella Lane Kelly (DOB: 2/14/1897 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) G) Belle Kelly (DOB: 2/14/1897 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ? Foster H) Earnest Kelly (DOB: 3/1900 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? ) I) Leonard Kelly (DOB: about 1903 in Union County, SC; DOD: ? in ? )

7) Pinkney Fowler aka "Pink Fowler" (DOB: about 1866 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

8) William Fowler (DOB: about 1868 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

9) Dora Fowler (DOB: about 1870 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

10) James Steadman Fowler (DOB: 11/1873 in SC; DOD: 6/3/1952 in Newberry County, SC of "Cerebral hemorrhage"; Burial at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church, 2360 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Newberry, SC) married Hattie Elizabeth Geiger (DOB: about 1881 in Columbia, Richland County, SC; DOD: 1961 in Newberry County, SC; Burial at Mt. Pleasant UMC, 2360 Mt. Pleasant Rd, Newberry, SC) and they had 8 known children: A) Leila Fowler (DOB: 1898 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 1898 in Newberry County, SC) B) Claude Dewey Fowler aka "Claude D. Fowler" and "Claudie Fowler" (DOB: 5/10/1900 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 1/23/1979 in Duval County, FL) married Rosa Lee Weldon (DOB: 7/20/1897 in GA; DOD: 7/3/1977 in Anderson County, SC) C) Sadie Mae Fowler (DOB: 8/25/1901 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 7/24/1974 in Newberry County, SC) married John William Smith (DOB: 9/7/1894 in SC; DOD: 12/17/1974 in Newberry County, SC) D) Hattie Lee Fowler (DOB: 7/22/1913 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 10/17/1997 in Newberry County, SC) married Thomas Byron Glymph (DOB: 10/27/1899 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 6/9/1995 in Newberry County, SC) E) James J. Fowler (DOB: 8/2/1910 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 12/6/1952 in Fairfield County, SC) married ? F) Ruby Fowler (DOB: 5/30/1918 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 5/24/2002 in Lexington County, SC) married William Hodges Adams (DOB: 4/25/1917 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 7/2/1992 in Greenwood County, SC G) Steadman Allen Fowler (DOB: 2/8/1921 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 9/5/1992 in Richmond County, GA) married Myrtle Bedenbaugh (DOB: about 1923 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 9/18/1998 in Richmond County, GA) H) Eugene Glenn Fowler (DOB: 8/31/1923 in Newberry County, SC; DOD: 7/1/2008 in Newberry County, SC) married Mildred Berley (DOB: ? in ?; DOD: ? in ? )

11) Annie Fowler (DOB: about 1874 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

12) Gasaway Fowler (DOB: about 1877 in SC; DOD: ? in ? ) married ?

1860 U.S. Census of Winnsboro, Fairfield township, Fairfield County, South Carolina; Roll M653_1219; Page: 271; Image: 547; Family History Library Film: 805219, Lines 22-27, "Gasaway Fowler"
Gasaway Fowler, 33 yrs old (DOB 1827), M(ale), W(hite), Overseer, $0 Real Estate Value, $700 Personal Estate Value, Born in SC
Elinor Fowler (sic), 21 yrs old (DOB 1839), F, W, Born in SC
Mary S. Fowler, 5 yrs old (DOB 1855), F, W, Born in SC
Fanny L. Fowler, 3 yrs old (DOB 1857), F, W, Born in SC
William F. Fowler, 2 yrs old (DOB 1858), M, W, Born in SC
Lettie J. Fowler, 3/12 mos old (DOB 1860), F, W, Born in SC

C.S.A. SC 5th Cavalry Regiment, Co. K
Date of Organization: 18 Jan 1863
Muster Date: 26 Apr 1865
Fought at: Hawes' Shop, Va., May 28, 1864. 2nd Division, and 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac. During the campaign from the Rapidan to the James, Maj. Gen. P.H. Sheridan, commanding the cavalry corps, ordered are connaissance in the direction of Mechanicsville and sent out the 2nd division under Brig. Gen. David McM. Gregg for the purpose. Nearly a mile in advance of Hawes' shop Gregg encountered the enemy's cavalry dismounted and behind a breastwork. He attacked this force, about 4,000 strong, but was repulsed repeatedly and would have had to withdraw but for the arrival of Brig. Gen. George C. Custer's brigade of the 1st division, four regiments of which were dismounted and charged in close column of attack in conjunction with an attack of Gregg's division. The enemy was driven back, leaving his dead and wounded on the field. The casualties of the 2nd division were 256 killed and wounded. The losses of the other participants were not reported. Source: The Union Army, vol. 5, p. 494

American Civil War Soldiers Online database through Ancestry.com, "Gasaway Fowler", CSA, SC, Private in Co. K, SC 5th Cavalry Regiment

U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
Original http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/
"Gasaway Fowler", C.S.A., SC 5th Regiment Cavalry, Co. K, Film #M381 Roll 11

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles
Copyright 1997-2009 Historical Data Systems, Inc. PO Box 35 Duxbury, MA 0233
"Gasaway Fowler", Private, SC 5th Cavalry Regiment.

1870 U.S. Census of Draytonville, Unionville, Union County, South Carolina; Roll M593_1510; Page: 369B; Image: 94; Family History Library Film: 553009, Lines 19-27, "Gassaway Fowler" (sic), living between Elijah Fowler and Ellis Fowler
Elijah Fowler, Head, 40 yrs old (DOB 1830), M(ale), W(hite), Farmer, $3,000 Real Estate Value, $100 Personal Estate Value, Born in SC
Mary Fowler, 34 yrs old (DOB 1836), F, W, Born in SC
Gassaway Fowler, 9 yrs old (DOB 1861), M, W, Born in SC
Susan Fowler, 6 yrs old (DOB 1864), F, W, Born in SC
Fanny Fowler, 3 yrs old (DOB 1867), F, W, Born in SC
Gassaway Fowler, Head, 45 yrs old (DOB 1825), M(ale), W(hite), Farmer, $0 Real Estate Value, $75 Personal Estate Value, Born in SC
Eddora Fowler (sic), Wife, 26 yrs old (DOB 1844), F, W, Born in SC
Mary Fowler, Daughter, 12 yrs old (DOB 1858), F, W, Born in SC
Fanny Fowler, Daughter, 11 yrs old (DOB 1859), F, W, Born in SC
Thomas Fowler, Son, 10 yrs old (DOB 1860), M, W, Born in SC
Lila Fowler (sic), Daughter, 8 yrs old (DOB 1862), F, W, Born in SC
Francis Fowler, Son, 7 yrs old (DOB 1863), M, W, Born in SC
Pink Fowler, Son, 4 yrs old (DOB 1866), M, W, Born in SC
William Fowler, Son, 2 yrs old (DOB 1868), M, W, Born in SC
Ellis Fowler, Head, 60 yrs old (DOB 1810), M(ale), W(hite), Works on Farm, Born in SC
Jane Fowler, 45 yrs old (DOB 1825), F, W, Born in SC
Julia Fowler, 25 yrs old (DOB 1845), F, W, Born in SC
Nancy Fowler, 16 yrs old (DOB 1854), F, W, Born in SC
Purches Fowler (sic), 12 yrs old (DOB 1858), F, W, Born in SC
Lotty Fowler, 9 yrs old (DOB 1861), F, W, Born in SC

1880 U.S. Census of Township 11, Fairfield, South Carolina; Roll 1229; Family History Film: 1255229; Page: 235D; Enumeration District: 77, Lines 48-50, next pg Lines 1-7 , "Gasaway Fowler"
Gasaway Fowler, Head, W(hite), M(ale), 53 yrs old (DOB 1827), Married, Farmer, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Elmira Fowler, Wife, W, F, 42 yrs old (DOB 1838), Married, Keeping house, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Tom Fowler, Son, W, M, 22 yrs old (DOB 1858), Single, Laborer, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Leila Fowler, Daughter, W, F, 19 yrs old (DOB 1861), Single, At Home, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Frank Fowler, Son, W, M, 18 yrs old (DOB 1862), Single, Laborer, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Pink Fowler, Son, W, M, 14 yrs old (DOB 1866), Laborer, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Dora Fowler, Daughter, W, F, 10 yrs old (DOB 1870), At Home, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Stuedman Fowler (sic), Son, W, M, 8 yrs old (DOB 1872), At Home, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Annie Fowler, Daughter, W, F, 3 yrs old (DOB 1877), At Home, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC
Gasaway Fowler, Son, W, M, 2/12 mos old (DOB 1880), At Home, Born in SC, Both parents born in SC

1880 Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880
Fairfield County, South Carolina; Archive Collection Number: AD271; Roll 10; Page: 4; Line: 2; Schedule Type: Agriculture, Line 2, "Gasaway Fowler"
1880 Selected U.S. Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880
1. The Name of the Person who Conducts this Farm: Gasaway Fowler
2. Tenure: Owner: 1
3. Tenure: Rents for fixed money rental: -
4. Tenure: Rents for shares of products: -
5. Acres of land: Improved: Tilled (including fallow and grass in rotation): 36
6. Acres of land: Improved: Permanent meadows, orchards, pastures, vineyards: -
7. Acres of land: Unimproved: Woodland and forest: 40
8. Acres of land: Unimproved: Other unimproved, including "old fields" not growing wood: 60
9. Farm Values: Of farm, including land, fences and buildings: $400.00
10. Farm Values: Of farming implements and machinery: $10.00
11. Farm Values: Of livestock: $125.00
12. Fences: Cost of building and repairing in 1879: $0
13. Cost of fertilizers purchased in 1879: $0
14. Labor: Amount paid for wages for farm labor in 1879, including value of board: $0
15. Labor: Weeks hired labor in 1879 upon farm (and dairy) excluding housework: $0
16. Estimated value of all farm productions (sold, consumed or on hand) for 1879: $400.00
17. Grasslands: Average 1879: Mown: - acres
18. Grasslands: Average 1879: Not mown: - Acres
19. Grasslands: Products harvested in 1879: Hay: - Tons
20. Grasslands: Products harvested in 1879: Clover seed: - Bushels
21. Grasslands: Products harvested in 1879: Grass seed: - Bushels
22. Horses of all ages on hand June 1, 1880: -
23. Mules and Asses, all ages, on hand June 1, 1880: 1
24. Neat cattle and their products: On hand June 1, 1880: Working Oxen: -
25. Neat cattle and their products: On hand June 1, 1880: Milch Cows: 1
26. Neat cattle and their products: On hand June 1, 1880: Other: 3
27. Neat cattle and their products: Movement 1879: Calves dropped: 1
28. Neat cattle and their products: Movement 1879: Cattle of all ages: Purchased: -
29. Neat cattle and their products: Movement 1879: Cattle of all ages: Sold living: -
30. Neat cattle and their products: Movement 1879: Cattle of all ages: Slaughtered: -
31. Neat cattle and their products: Movement 1879: Cattle of all ages: Died, Strayed and stolen and not recovered: -
32. Neat cattle and their products: Milk sold or sent to butter or cheese factories in 1879: 50 Gallons
33. Neat cattle and their products: Butter made on the farm in 1879: - Pounds
34. Neat cattle and their products: Cheese made on the farm in 1879: - Pounds
35. Sheep: On hand June 1, 1880: -
36. Sheep: Movement 1879: Lambs dropped: -
37. Sheep: Movement 1879: Sheep and lambs: Purchased: -
38. Sheep: Movement 1879: Sheep and lambs: Sold living: -
39. Sheep: Movement 1879: Sheep and lambs: Slaughtered: -
40. Sheep: Movement 1879: Sheep and lambs: Killed by dogs: -
41. Sheep: Movement 1879: Sheep and lambs: Died of disease: -
42. Sheep: Movement 1879: Sheep and lambs: Died of stress of weather: -
43. Sheep: Clip, spring 1880, Shorn and to be shorn: Fleeces: -
44. Sheep: Clip, spring 1880, Shorn and to be shorn: Weight: - Lbs
45. Swine: On hand, June 1, 1880: -
46. Poultry on hand June 1st, 1880: Exclusive of spring hatching: Barn-yard: 2
47. Poultry on hand June 1st, 1880: Exclusive of spring hatching: Other: 15
48. Eggs produced in 1879: 2
49. Cereals: Barley, 1879: Area: 200 Acres
50. Cereals: Barley, 1879: Crop: - Bushels
51. Cereals: Buckwheat, 1879: Area: - Acres
52. Cereals: Buckwheat, 1879: Crop: - Bushels
53. Cereals: Indian Corn, 1879: Area: - Acres
54. Cereals: Indian Corn, 1879: Crop: - Bushels
55. Cereals: Oats, 1879: Area: - Acres
56. Cereals: Oats, 1879: Crop: 18 Bushels
57. Cereals: Rye, 1879: Area: 50 Bushels
58. Cereals: Rye, 1879: Crop: - Bushels
62. Cereals: Wheat, 1879: Area: 2 Acres
63. Cereals: Wheat, 1879: Crop: 8 Bushels
64. Fiber: Cotton: Acres: 18 Acres
65. Fiber: Cotton: Bales: 7 Bales
66. Fiber: Flax - 1879: Fiber: - Acres
67. Fiber: Hemp: - Acres
68. Fiber: Hemp: - Tons
69. Sugar: Sorghum - 1879: Area in Crop: - Acres
70. Sugar: Sorghum - 1879: Sugar: - Pounds
71. Sugar: Sorghum - 1879: Molasses: - Gallons
72. Sugar: Maple - 1879: Sugar: - Pounds
73. Sugar: Maple - 1879: Molasses: - Gallons
74. Broom Corn, 1879: - Acres
75. Broom corn, 1879: - Lbs.
76. Hops, 1879: Area: - Acres
77. Hops, 1879: Crop: - Lbs
78. Potatoes (Irish), 1879: Area: - Acres
79. Potatoes (Irish), 1879: Crop: - Bushels
80. Potatoes (Sweet), 1879: Area: 2 Acres
81. Potatoes (Sweet), 1879: Crop: 40 Lbs
82. Tobacco, 1879: - Acres
83. Tobacco, Crop: - Lbs
84. Orchards, 1879: Apple: Acres: - Acres
85. Orchards, 1879: Apple: Bearing Trees: -
86. Orchards, 1879: Apple: Bushels: - Bushels
87. Orchards, 1879: Peach: Acres: - Acres
88. Orchards, 1879: Peach: Bearing Trees: -
89. Orchards, 1879: Peach: Bushels: - Bushels
90. Orchards: Total value of all kinds sold or consumed, 1879: $0
95. Nurseries: Acres: - Acres
96. Nurseries: Value of produce sold in 1879: $-
97. Vineyards: Acres: - Acres
98. Vineyards: Grapes sold in 1879: Pounds
99. Vineyards: Wine made in 1879: Gallons
100. Market Gardens: Value of produce sold in 1879: $
101. Bees- 1879: Honey: Pounds
102. Bees - 1879: Wax: Pounds
103. Forest Products: Amount of wood cut in 1879: - Cords
104. Forest Products: Value of all forest products sold or consumed in 1879: $0

If you have corrections or additional information for this family and descendants, please contact me at Mom25Dogs@gmail.com

Check my posts on Abram Silas Kelly and Leila Fowler and Kathryn Elizabeth Kelly and William Cohen.

And for an unusual coincidence, Leila Fowler's father was Gasaway Fowler and Abram Silas Kelly's father was Jamison Gazaway Kelly!

Fantasy Digital Scrapbooking

My sister got a photo of her grandson, my grand nephew, Brett looking out the glass door. It turned into a silhouette. Some might have thought that was a lost photo but I loved it. Anyway, I was reading about fantasy digital scrapbooking where you make your scrapbooking page into something like a fairy story or anything else in your imagination. I remembered that silhouette photo and decided to try to use it. I digitally extracted his silhouette and made this digital layout. My goal was to make it look like something in his imagination.

Organizing Purses

How do you organize pocketbooks? First I want to look at how you store and organize purses and second how you organize the inside of your purse.

I'm one of those that chooses a brown or black purse and then I just carry it until it needs to be replaced. I don't change my pocketbooks to match outfits or shoes. But a lot of women collect purses and change them to match their outfit or their shoes. For some it's a matter of choosing their black purse to wear when they wear black shoes, a brown purse for brown shoes and a taupe purse for light colored shoes. For some it's a matter of matching the outfit such as carrying a red purse to match their red outfit. And then there are those who literally collect purses and carry a purse based on their mood or the event. So a sassy purse for those days you feel flirty and a beaded bag for the nightclub.

I'm thinking that there are a few rules for storing your purses:
* Protecting them from dust and losing their shape
* Easy to see for choosing, so you don't forget what you have
* Neat, organized

I did some Google searches and found some ideas for you. I looked for ideas that range from cheap to expensive, from a few purses to a purse collection! I appreciate all the great ideas that people shared on the Internet!

This photo shows someone has set aside a perfect corner to store her bags. Some are hanging from hangers which should help them retain their shape and the ones on the shelves are able to stand alone to retain their shape. So these are neat, organized, stored, their shape is protected. The only beat missing is protection from dust.

This lady has used a higher closet shelf so she used clear plastic storage bins as drawers so she can pull a bunch of pocketbooks at a time. I also use clear plastic storage bins but I do leave my tops on to protect from dust. Being clear makes your purses easier to see. So this idea is neat, organized and viewable but there isn't protection from dust.

I like this closet purse organizer! If I had a lot of pocketbooks, I wouldn't mind having this. I think I would like it if it had a see through curtain on the front, maybe zippered. If I bought this I would add a gauze curtain to the front to help with dust.

This would hold their shape and is viewable but doesn't protect from dust.

This purse closet is a trick!

Using a cabinet is an idea, sort of a wardrobe for pocketbooks!

Now this is the closet that most women would die for! I love the glass doors for easy to see viewing and to keep them dust free.

Now let's talk about organizing the inside of your purse. Some people just use it like a big grocery bag. Everything is thrown in it - from a reciept to pieces of gum; from your wallet to your cigarettes; from your latest book to your leftover sandwich from lunch. My Mother, since she has 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren and now 2 greats, tends to carry around the kitchen sink in her bags. She usually takes 2 bags full of stuff everywhere she goes. One is her normal pocketbook and one has all kinds of OTC medicines, wipes, extra glasses, her epinephrine shot for emergencies, etc. My thoughts are that a purse isn't suppose to be your kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet or desk drawer. I have a desk drawer so I don't want to carry it with me in my purse. I have a bathroom cabinet and don't need to carry it in my purse. But, having said that, I do have to carry some things like that. For instance, I do have to have meds on me at all times but I don't carry a whole box of Alka Seltzer in my purse. I keep 1 pack of Alka Seltzer in my medicine box for my purse. When I use it, then I remind myself to put a new pack in. I don't carry a whole bottle of Aspirins but I carry about 4 in my medicine box and replace them from my bathroom cabinet when I use them.

Here is what I carry in my purse:
1 small medicine box with the meds that I have to have such as Aspirin, Arthritis Strength Pain Reliever, Alka Seltzer, Benadryl, etc. This little compartmentalized box is about the size of a bar of soap. I have each compartment labelled so there is no guessing.

Lip balm


1 can of Ensure (I have Severe Hypoglycemia that comes on within a couple of minutes so this is necessary for me.)

Wallet that holds my cash/checks/cards, and an additional small wallet that only carries my extra cards (like discount cards, gift cards, points cards, etc)

1 pen

Small tape measure


Cellphone (which is taken out as soon as I get home)

Camera (small Cybershot)

I like to have a pocket for receipts

These are the things I generally keep in my purse at all times. Of course there comes a time when I stick a handful off coupons in as I go to the grocery store or my leftover cookie from lunch. But those things don't stay in my purse. As soon as I get home I take out anything extra I shoved in there during the day. I don't wear makeup so I don't carry any makeup. I have a handy pocket on my truck door to keep a small makeup bag that has a brush, lip balm, and fingernail clippers. This way I have them but don't have to carry them every where.

Each woman is different. So what you carry in your purse is different than what I would have. I think we all carry a wallet, our cellphone and a pen but beyond that, we will carry different things. But here are some incentives to cleaning out your pocketbook and getting it manageable.

Another thought is for those who change purses frequently. Using a bag within a bag. That way you just lift the inner bag or purse organizer out of one bag and place it in the next bag. Here are some of those including inner organizers that fit different size bags, small to larger. I prefer light/bright colored purse interiors or light/bright colored inner bags so that you can see inside more easily.

I think this is a great idea for keeping your shopping lists and receipts/coupons/gift cards!

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